Do Over

What if you can do something over? Would this do over be for the good? Or bad? What if it changed your life forever? Or maybe never... As everyone knows, almost three years ago, One Direction became famous by topping the charts all over the world with their song "What Makes You Beautiful." Since then, they made albums, had interviews, done tours, and tried not to be attacked by fans or paparazzi. But, most people don't know that today, the fame is getting to their heads. So what happens when five girls come into their lives? Actually, the question is: What happens when five girls BECOME their lives?


1. Sass O'Clock

Do Over 

Chapter 1




"Alright you guys... Let's take it from the top!" I yelled trying my best to get everyone’s attention, but of course like usually everyone just goofing off completely ignoring the fact we were here to practice.

"Aren't we being extra... leadery? today!" Harry yelled from across the room where she sat with her legs crossed and taking a random picture of an apple she placed on the ground. The girl has a seriously weird obsession with taking pictures of the most randomness things.

"Leadery? Really Harry? You can do better..." I rolled my eyes at her immatureness. Sometimes it seemed that I was the only one in the group that seemed to really take anything seriously.  

"Shut it Li!" Harry said while she typed away on her phone, probably adding some silly caption to the random picture of the apple.

"Hey Li? Where's my guitar?" I heard a loud voice scream from somewhere in the room, but it was so big that I couldn’t even figure out what direction it came from until Neala came out from behind the curtain. 

"In the other room where you left it Ni..." I informed her before trying to go back to rounding up the rest of the girls so we could actually get something done, before we had our first live concert later tonight.

"Hey where's Lou?" Neala screamed. I honestly don’t know how, but somehow I always manage to lose at least of one of them. Especially Lou she is constantly running around causing havoc that you only find her after the shouts of the people who suffered her latest little prank. 

"Went to get carrots, Ni." I said texting everyone in hope that for the first time in their lives they would hopefully take this seriously. I know I did, this to me was more the most important things in my life, but to everyone else it’s just other simple rehearsal.

"Again?! When does that kid NOT eat carrots?” Zendaya said randomly appearing next to me. She was a strange one, she was quiet so most people wouldn’t even know where she was until she appeared next to or in front of you.                                                                                                

"SHUT IT Bradford!" Louise shouted as she entered the room with a bag of carrots in her as she strut her way to the middle of the room where me, Zendaya, and Harry stood waiting for Neala to find her guitar.

"Speaking of the carrot lover... You're right on time." Harry said standing up from her position on the floor to join the rest of us.

"What time is it?" Louise asked taking a bite of the carrot that was in her right hand. She was such a cliché version of herself, the way all the fans depicted her was exactly how she was. A sassy, carrot loving prankster and that was Lou for you.

"It's sass o'clock, Lou." Harry said smirking at the brown haired girl who only stuck out her tongue in response.

"FOUND MY GUITAR!" Neala shouted as she emerged from behind the drum set that was set up for later today.

"Alright! Let's begin!" I told the others hoping that we could actually get something done before it was time to get up and perform. To say I was nervous was the understatement of the year. I was full on freaking out, because I had no idea who the rest of the girls were going to behave while performing.

"Bradford, you start." Louise said plopping down onto of one of the boxes that was no empty, but earlier was filled to the brim with wires and cables for tonight show.

"Thanks Lou. I didn't know." Zendaya said rolling her eyes at Louise which was probably wasn’t the best idea, but luckily for Louise had been too preoccupied chatting with Harry to notice the fact that Zendaya had just rolled her eyes at her.

"Alright, alright. Ni, start from the top of the song." I said trying to get everyone to finally start so we wouldn’t walk onto the stage completely clueless.

"Little Things, correct Li?" Neala asked as she finished tuning her guitar so she could play it during the song later on.

"Yup!" I cheered with a large smile on my face, seeing that this was one of my absolute favorite songs. Once we started practicing the song we all just kind of go into this mode where all that matter is getting the words out with the correct tone. Even though we have sung this song and all the other plenty of times, there was always that fear that you would go off key or forget the lyrics.

"I won't let these little things slip, out of my mouth. But if it's true, it's you. It's you, they add up to. I'm in love with you. And all your little things!" We finished off the song before smiling at each other seeing that none of us messed up at all.

"Well wasn't that delightful!" a voice cheered. "I knew I heard four other voices besides my own daughter's!" I turned around to see my mom standing in the door of my room. "That was lovely you guys!"

"Mum! What are you doing home so early?” I shouted at her in complete surprise seeing that last I knew she wasn’t supposed to be home until later this evening.

"Don't yell at me.” she told me sternly and even adding a small glare to enforce the fact that she wasn’t exactly happy with the tone I used with her.

"Sorry." I mumbled embarrassed that she was scolding in front of my friends who only bite their lips trying to hold in the giggles.

"Hello girls.” My mum said with a warm smile looking at all the girls.

"Hi!" they all chimed in with the same friendly tone my mum used with them.

"Louise? Are you eating the last of the carrots again?" she questioned causing Louise to stop in the middle of a bite. Slowly put the carrot and the bag behind her back, and looked at my mum with an innocent expression on her face.

"Nooo..." Louise said with a mouthful of carrot that only caused a large smile to find its way onto my mother’s lips as she shook her head in disapproval.

"It's ok if you did. We all know you eat carrots and we need a bag here at all times, but I don't see why I do it. You are the oldest, you do know you can drive and go buy some yourself, right?” My mum asked her with a small smile on her lips.

"Well, I can but- Do you want money next time?" Louise asked completely baffled that my mom was questioning her strange love of carrots.

"No dear it's fine. And great singing by the way." My mum smiled looking proudly at each of us.

"You weren't supposed to hear us!" Harriet exclaimed looking a bit well embarrassed that my mum had walked into us singing.

"Yeah! We are singing that song in the talent show in a month," Neala informed while putting her guitar back in her case that held all the customized guitar picks we got her for her birthday.

"Talent show, huh?" My mum gave us a puzzling look before locking her eyes on me waiting for an explanation to come from me.

"Yeah! At... school!" Louise exclaimed which only made my mom lightly laugh at us.

"I thought that the school talent show was a few weeks ago?" She said sarcastically. "And didn't school end last week?" She questioned. We all gave each other wide eyes while my mum laughed at our failed attempted to make up an excuse. "Plus most of you are in different grades."

"She caught us.” Harry mumbled to Louise who only slapped her arm trying to get Harry to shut up.

"Heard that Harriet..." my mum smirked, before letting her facial expression become deadly serious again. “Now where are you guys REALLY going to sing?"

"We're going to sing at the block party... or well city party. This is a HUGE deal for us!" Neala squealed, since was the one most excited for this gig.

"Yeah! And the first song we are going to sing as a group is 'Torn.'" Zendaya finished. We all nodded in agreement.

“Well then girls, I wish you lot the best of luck and make sure you get someone to record your performance. I want to see it when you guys get home, oaky?” 

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