Let Go

Chloe Johnson is classmates with the famous British boy band. Soon there is a blind date and she is partners with Louis Tomlinson, the silly one of the group. Finally when her college is over. Lou and Chloe are close but they just have to "Let Go" will they ever meet again?


2. Chapter2

I got up feeling very embarrassed picking up my books and going. I hope the students there didn't think I was a know it all brat. But then again, I think the guy who said it was in the 7,000's deserved to be put in the lower one but, it was a crazed guess, I think and I hope so. I found the room with 3 nerds and 1 gothic. Hello Chloe. She said. I sat next to the gothic that was a girl. Mackenzie? I asked her. Yeah call me Macy. She said. Your Mackenzie Williams the Vocabulary teacher's daughter. I said. So what is 282x182=? Asked Mrs, Rodrequiz. 51,324. I said. Good new kid, said a nerd. Good. Said Mrs. Rodrequiz. Finally after that much math I walked ALONE sadly to Vocabulary to see Mackenzie's/Macy's father. Chloe? He asked smiling. I nodded sitting in the front row finding myself with Macy/Mackenzie. Okay guys... We finished then we did Spelling with Mrs. Oak then it was Lunch. The hardest class of them all. I grabbed hot lunch was a 2 tacos with veggies and meat and cheese and a big fat thing of sour cream. I sat with my roommate and best friend Ava. Ava Onya says there is this famous British boy band called One Direction, who are they. I asked. They auditioned for x-Factor. Don't like them. She said munching into her taco. I grabbed the taco and ate a big bite. Why? I asked. I think Harry and Louis are gay, and Harry is a pervert. She said. Niall has a mouse voice, and Zayn doesn't seem British, plus Liam has a bald haircut type of thing. She said. I smiled at her comment, trying to not spit out my taco. I nodded signaling to do anymore funny facts about the band. Wanna go in our dorm? I asked, she nodded as we walked there, when we were settled we heard a knock. I bet it's your favorite, One Direction. I joked twisting the knob opening to find...

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