Let Go

Chloe Johnson is classmates with the famous British boy band. Soon there is a blind date and she is partners with Louis Tomlinson, the silly one of the group. Finally when her college is over. Lou and Chloe are close but they just have to "Let Go" will they ever meet again?


1. Chapter1

My first day at College, in dorm 213 on 2nd floor in room 13 on the left, with my best friend or roommate. I walked to math with Onya by my side. It was my first day ever. Hey it One Direction! She whispered in my ear as we sat with the 5 boys. Who are they? I asked quietly. British famous boy band. She answered. Well look its them hot chicks, the new comer and the girl who has been here 2 years and we have been here for 2 years as well. Correct. Said Onya trying but failing to act causual. My name is Onya and her name is Chloe. Said Onya putting her hand out. They shared her hand holding there hand out for me, I shaked their hands. So class what is 74x65=? Discover that with your group you are forever assigned to. Said Mr. Owens. I looked at them. It's like in the 7,000's said a boy with brown hair with a huge haircut. He had such a heavy accent. You would think, but it's 4,810. I said raising my hand waiting to be called on. What uhh? Chloe I said. What is the answer Chloe? Asked Mr. Owens. 4,810. I said. Correct, you can go to the Higher Math Class with Rodrequiz .

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