A girl named ally loved Chris brown and any singer really. But she hates one direction. One day she went to school and she was getting ready for lunch like everyday when she noticed a blondi Irish boy. She knew who he was and she didn't like him but he liked her!;)


2. Lazy day

Naills pov

I woke up cuddling with ally. She's so cute when she's asleep! I tried to get up but I didn't want to wake her up. So I said in her ear wake up princess really quiet to were I wasn't yelling. Ummm no can we have a lazy day? Ally it Monday! No silly it's Sunday. Ill go check. I went to go but she was still holding onto me. Silly I need to get my phone! No Niall use my phone the password is cuddling! Clever! Thanks. Your wrong! I'm wrong to its Saturday! Yea!! Now can we have a lazy day. Ok. We was still on the coach. She was looking at me. What? I think someone messed up your face with sharpie!! WHAT!!! Louis!! Louis did this I thought he would ally said while laughing! Wait you haven't met louis have you? No but my friends showed me the funny moments! Well can u help me get this stuff off of my face please? Yea. So she grabbed a rag and washed of the marker. Oh I bet it was harry cause its not sharpie. Oh wow. So what do u want to do on this lazy day silly?
Is that my nickname Niall? Yes I will now call u silly haha! I like Silly better then ally! I think ally is better cause its your real name! Well what do u want to do??? Cuddle? That's my favorite thing to do!!! 

Silly's pov

He said to cuddle so I jumped on the coach with him in my arms. I was looking into his blue eyes and asked so are we a couple? If u want to be a couple silly. Niall and silly are now a couple! Wait but what am I gonna do when you are going on tour? U can come with me. I would love to! So pulled out my phone and put on the song our love by the weeknd! I got up and started to sing to it! I pulled him to me and we were singing together. Then harry came in and hid cause he knew what Niall was gonna do to him for drawing on his face! Shit slipped out of Nialls mouth when he fell. Harry come here I screamed!!! No he's gonna kick my ass!! So I ran after harry and grabbed him. He was too strong! He grabbed me and his body touched mine. Let me go harry!!! So he let me go. I could tell he liked me by the way he held me and looked at me. So I went to Niall and helped him up. Niall lets go to your room. Niall I need to talk to your friend real quick harry said. So I went in the other room. Hi I'm ally! I tried to say happily! He knew I was scared! Zayn told me about you! Yea! But I got to know zayn and Niall and I trust them. You can trust me. Harry I can trust you when you don't put your body on mine like that! Sorry but I was falling! Yea that's what all the bad boys say. Harry I don't know u yet. Trust it earned and you didn't earn it by what you just did. Oh and harry you should know about me and Niall. Yea you two are dating I know I saw u two cuddling on the coach. Ok good. 
So I went to Nialls room and he was on his phone. I twitted hanging out with'd my new boyfriend! But I didn't put Niall so that he wasn't getting hated. I ran up to him and sat on his lap. I was staring into his beautiful blue eyes and he leand in so did I. Our lips met. He then put me on the bed and he was next to me still keeping out lips together. We didn't have u know what but we made out for a long time!!!! Then we watched tv and then I fell asleep. Then our lazy day was over:(

Hey plz like and comment and tell me what u think I should put next thank you for reading!!Xxx

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