A girl named ally loved Chris brown and any singer really. But she hates one direction. One day she went to school and she was getting ready for lunch like everyday when she noticed a blondi Irish boy. She knew who he was and she didn't like him but he liked her!;)


1. Falling

Ally's p.o.v

i was getting ready for school. I was putting on my make-up then I wore pink jeans with a black shirt that says music on it and I put my hair up in a ponytail. My friend Kim picked me up to go to school. 

K: hey how are ya?

A: good I just want to get this day over with!

K: okay okay ill drive just chill.

what do u have first kimmy? I have art first and science after. Cool me too! 

So when I got to class I sat in the back like always. Mrs. Trusedell told this boy to sit next to me. 

He had brown eyes and dark hair. Hi I'm zayn. Oh hi I'm ally! Nice to meet you zayn! He got out his phone and stated to text this guy named Niall or something. So can I get your number? Zayn I don't even know you. Well...... Please?! He gave me the puppy face!! I can't resist the puppy face!!! Ok ok. I gave him my number. Thanks love!! He then stated texting me. Ohh now I know why he wanted my number so bad. 

Z: hey that's why I wanted your number so we can talk without people knowing. 

A: I'm sorry but have I seen you so were?

Z: well I'm in a band one direction.

A: ohhhhh!!! That's why oh!!

i stopped texting him cause I don't like him he's just a spoiled brat who loves to get the girls then brake their heart.

He started to poke me I didn't look at him. He texted me.

Z: why weren't texting or talking?

A: because I'm going to fall for you like all the other girls do.

Z: ?????

A: ok so every girl falls for you and the others of 1D and when you break up with them your break their heart and I'm not going to let that happen to me!!!
He stopped texting so that means he will back off!! 
I went to my locker and i was going to lunch when i noticed Niall from 1D so I went the other way and I guess zayn told Niall about me cause zayn was pointing at me and Niall came to my table. 

N: so zayn told me about you and how u don't want to get a heart break!

A: yea now get away!! 

N: no I'm gonna eat with you ok ok understood good...

Naill's pov 

We was eating and she didn't really eat anything so I took her food and ate it! All she did was laugh. What's so funny? Oh nothing it's just u eat like a pig wait no worse!!! I know but u don't eat... Why? I don't want to talk about it. Ok we'll then. I then took her phone and gave her my number and punched hers into my phone. 

N: hi.

A: why did u do that?

N: well u said you didn't want to talk about it so lets text about it!

A: no bye!! :p 

Ally's pov

So it was time to go home so my mom didn't pick me up so I had to walk. Then Niall came up to me and asked if he could walk me home. I didn't want to talk to him so I texted him.

A: I'm not going to talk to u!

N: but u just did!

A: no I didn't I texted u idiot!

N: well let's go to the park!? Plz???

A: fine but only 1hr!!

N: ok thanks love!

A: don't call me that plz?.

So we went to the park and he grabbed me and put me on the swing set and then pushed me. Why are u pushing me? Because your cute when your hair is in the sky!! Stop it right now!!! What? Your getting all lovey dovey and I can't fall for you!! Well then we will just go to my house then. Ok that has nothing to do with what I just said! 

Z: hi!

A: your friend is all lovey dovey plz help he is really..... Not cool!!!!

Z: no you need to hang out with him!!

A: ok but only because I trust you!

Z: I thought u didn't like me.

A: well I like you now BUT ONLY AS A FRIEND!!! And I trust u so if u do anything I will never talk to u again!! Bye see u at school!

Naills pov

She was texting someone so I took her phone. She had already locked it!! I tried to find out her password but she took the phone out of my hands. Man why does she have to be so cute???!!! 

5hrs later

We were watching a scary movie. She was asleep so I'm guessing she wasn't scared. So I tried to get up when she grabbed me. Don't leave me please???!!! Ok ok are u ok? Yea it's just  a freaky movie!!! After the movie her face was in my chest. The movie is over why are you still on me? Because I love to cuddle with people. Wait why do u all of a sudden like me? Because I trust u! And zayn so I don't have to worry! So u like to cuddle right? Yes why? Cause I'm gonna cuddle the living crap out of you! We then cuddled for a very long time. I wish I could stay like this forever!!! Yep I'm falling for her!

Ally's pov 

Yep I'm falling for him!

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