The man with no nothing...

Johnathan is a young man who lives on his own in a giant house memory of anything...and the only person he can trust is well...nobody. There are secrets about Johnathan that he doesn't know. find out what happens in The man with no nothing

*First non fanfic*


1. Pro-logue

 Johnathan a very slender but slightly short type of man who always had a curious but beautiful look on his face as he passed strangers or people he used to know. His hair was slightly shaggy and was black and his eyes were a light blue that seemed unreal to any normal person. He always wore a black hoody with black rock shooter on it with grey jeans and a white shirt. For some reason he had a strange liking for watching the sky when he felt. His house was the biggest one on the block but it was like a Victorian house so he never knew what to do with all the extra rooms since he was an orphan til he was 15, and had to live on his own for the rest of his life. He hardly remembered his childhood or actually going to school in that case; in some cases you could say it haunted him like a ghost or a memory that he should remember with all his might. But as far as he could tell those memories were gone for good.

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