The man with no nothing...

Johnathan is a young man who lives on his own in a giant house memory of anything...and the only person he can trust is well...nobody. There are secrets about Johnathan that he doesn't know. find out what happens in The man with no nothing

*First non fanfic*


3. chapter 2

That morning Johnathan woke up in a cold sweat, looking around slightly he noticed his room was dimly lit by the slightly risen sun. He rubs his eyes in pain. ''why do my eyes hurt...?'' Johnathan questioned silently to himself as his thoughts were interrupted by the knocking on his door down stairs. Johnathan slowly got out of bed and trudged down the stairs silently. Looking at the door Johnathan could make out a male figure slightly taller and thinner then him. Without haste Johnathan opened the door to see a man with amber eyes and beautiful white curly hair that was pulled back into an elegant braid, he also had glasses that made the man look even more beautiful to Johnathan. ''Pardon me Johnathan but I was sent by your doctor to take care of you until you got back on you feet with your health!'' the man smiled slightly and shuffled his feet a bit from nervousness. '' Oh....please come um what's your name...?'' Johnathan looked at the man silently with a some what blank look. ''My name is Julius Albert oxenfored'' Julius then smiled ''so...may I take your vitals for today Johnathan?'' Johnathan nodded and sat on the couch after closing the beautifully crafted wooden oak door that has an angel and a grim reaper at eachothers throats with weapons. Johnathan always thought the door always was some what creepy, he shook off the thought of the door and looked at Julius while breathing in and out. ''Well mr. Johnathan it seems your blood pressure is slightly high, you also seem to be under you eat properly?'' Julius looked at Johnathan eith concerned look. ''Yes I eat properly....I just don't gain weight from what I eat....'' Johnathan frowned a bit and sighed. Julius nodded silently and wrote some notes in his note pad that he carried everywhere. ''Well Johnathan I suggest for now you go lay back down and rest up a bit when you wake up I'll have to take some blood tests'' Johnathan nodded in response to Julius and headed back to bed.
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