The man with no nothing...

Johnathan is a young man who lives on his own in a giant house memory of anything...and the only person he can trust is well...nobody. There are secrets about Johnathan that he doesn't know. find out what happens in The man with no nothing

*First non fanfic*


2. chapter 1

         Johnathan, was on his way to pick up a few groceries from the store with his weekly pay check that he got from being on well fare and disability. Sometimes at night when it was pitch black Johnathan would see things he could never explain to doctors or a therapist....  "Hm..maybe that's why I don't have any friends.. Cuse of my problems. Johnathan sighed as he talked out loud to nobody but himself. When Johnathan got home he did his usual thing make a salda for dinner and sit down on the black velvet couch and watch a movie from his DVD collection. Johnathan rubbed his forehead trying to think of his past, all that came to mind was distorted fuzzy images that made his head scream in severe pain. Johnathan got up slightly dizzy and stumbled to the kitchen to take his pain killers. He quickly took them n looked around.....there it was one of the things he saw when it was pitch black at night. Johnathan backed up slightly at the sight of the latge black figure that was just simple stating at him from a few feet away. Johnathan wanted to panic but all he could do was stand there ''NO LEAVE ME ALONE GOD DAMN IT PLEASE JUST GO THE HELL AWAY YOU BASTATD!!!!'' Johnathan started screaming as he closed his eyes tightly and began to cry. Maybe......maybe these were his long lost memories....try to haunt him of his life... Johnathan opened his eyes and the creature was right in front of him. As far as johnathan could see it had a slender woman like body and red eyes that only shown at night. He gulped suddenly feeling dread creeping up on him, the creature reached out it's hand and started to touch his hair. Johnathan yet again he closed his eyes and re opened them the creature was gone. Johnathan shook it off and took some of his as the drug store clerk would say ''crazy pills''. Johnathan took a deep breath and went to go to bed.

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