Hope From the Past

Maya has lived a normal life, until one drastic change happens and she has lost all hope. Her dad abuses her daily, and is a drunk. But, Maya has a gift. If anyone ever found out, especially her dad, that would be the end if it.


6. Chapter 6

Niall carried me back to the park where he found me, walked up to his car, and put me in the passenger seat. He then pulled up to a HUGE house, got out of the car, and carried me to the door. When we got to the door, Niall knocked and a boy with brownish hair with blue/green eyes answered the door with a smile. 

"Hey Niall!" The boy said. 

"Hey Louis, this is Maya. She'll be staying with use for a while, if you don't mind." 

"No problem! Hey I'm Louis." He said holding out his hand to me.

"She's a bit... Shy. She doesn't really talk either." 

"Oh." Louis said stepping aside to let us in. 


"Hey guys! Could you here for a second?" Niall shouted. Then, three more boys came rushing down the stairs. 

"Well what is it mate?" One boy with brown eyes and dark skin said. 

"This is Maya. She'll be staying with us for a bit. She's a bit shy and doesn't talk, so don't worry if she doesn't respond."

"Oh ok. Hi! I'm Liam!" One boy said. 

"I'm Harry!" A boy with curly hair and bright green eyes said. 

"And I'm Zayn." Said the boy with brown eyes and dark skin. 

"I'm going to be upstairs with Maya showing her her room. Oh! And she injured her leg, so she is t supposed to be walking for a few weeks. No stairs either." He said walking up the stairs with me in his arms. 


We walked into a bedroom, that had a bed and couch. "This is my room." Niall said. I noticed that this room had windows. And it was raining, my eyes immediately went to the windows. Niall noticed. "So where's your mom?" He asked trying to get my attention. But my eyes stayed on the window, it was raining when my mom died. "Dead" I managed. He looked at me startled that I spoke. A tear escaped my eye. He wiped it away with his thumb. We stared into each others eyes.  

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