Hope From the Past

Maya has lived a normal life, until one drastic change happens and she has lost all hope. Her dad abuses her daily, and is a drunk. But, Maya has a gift. If anyone ever found out, especially her dad, that would be the end if it.


4. Chapter 4

When we got to the hospital the blond boy went to the front desk. "I need to see a doctor. She can't walk on her left leg." 

The receptionist said "Ok, Dr. Harkwik will be right with you."



"Hello! I'm Dr. Harkwik! What seems to be the trouble?" She asked

"She can't walk on her left leg." The blond boy said. The doctor walks over to me smiling.

"I'm going to feel your leg ok? Tell me when it hurts." She started by my ankle. Nothing. Then, she moved her hands up a little further up my leg. Now her hands were between my knee and my ankle. Still no pain. As soon as she felt my knee, I yelped in pain. "Hmm. Were you running a lot recently?" She asked me. I nodded my head yes. "Just as I suspected." She replied. "You probably just sprained your knee or pulled a muscle. Nothing too serious. But because of where it's located, I'm going to suggest that you stay off of your feet at all times. And no stairs." She said. 

"For how long?" The blond boy asked.

"Two to three weeks. You might to say thank you to Mr?"

"Horan. Niall Horan." Niall said. I looked over at Niall. Then I took out my iPhone and went into "notes" I typed "Thank you". Just as the doctor was about to walk out, Niall said "Oh doctor? I have one more question."


"Why are her lips blue like that?"

"Well one of two reasons. One, she's been in water for to long. Or two she chooses not to talk. And in my opinion I'd say she chooses not to talk."

"Why do you say that?" He asked

"She typed thank you on her phone rather than saying it."

"Why would people choose not to talk?"

"Usually it's because they've been scared more than anyone should ever be, or because of certain things."

"What do you mean by "thing?"


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