Hope From the Past

Maya has lived a normal life, until one drastic change happens and she has lost all hope. Her dad abuses her daily, and is a drunk. But, Maya has a gift. If anyone ever found out, especially her dad, that would be the end if it.


1. Chapter 1

"MAYA GET ON THE BED NOW!" I hear my dad scream. I'm crying and I'm already lying on my bed so all I had to do was wait for him to get upstairs.  Then, he came into my bedroom. "Hi honey." He said coming to me on the bed. Tears started streaming down my face. "Why are you crying Maya? You know I love you." He said kissing me hungrily down my neck. He started unbuttoning my top. The tears came faster. He started kissing me further down. The. He started to unbotton my jeans, and sliding them off. My heart was racing. There was no stopping him. I've tried numerous times but I ended making things worse. I haven't talked in over a year. My mom "died" when I was eight. I know he killed her. He just made it up. 


He then, took off his shirt and pants. Next to come off was my bra and underwear. He took off his boxers and thrusted inside me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. He covered my mouth. "Shhh Maya." He kissed me hungrily from my neck to my hips. His thrusts got faster. My eyes got wide and I stared at him. He looked up at me "Enjoying yourself as much as I am?" I shook my head no. His face turned from delight to anger. His thrusts sped up even faster. I screamed at the top of my lungs in pain. 



He finally stopped. He walked out of my room, and shut the door. I looked at my thighs. They were bruised badly. I tried getting up but my knees buckled in pain. I fell on the floor. I crawled over to my clothes that were laying on the floor, and put them on.  He's going to be coming up in about two hours. I decided to take a shower before my next "punishment". After I got out of my shower, I snapped.  I had to think fast. I've had enough of this. I grabbed a rucksack from my closet and put all of my clothes in it. I then went over to my secret stash of money that I've hidden from my dad, in case of emergencies. And this, was for sure an emergency. 

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