Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


1. Superstar

        "TIFFIANY WAKE UP" my mom was saying and shaking me "you have to get up you have to leave to catch your flight to London ". I look at my clock and realized my flight left in an hour and i was extremly tired because my phone was going off all night because  I was trying to break up with my abuseive boyfriend . I jumped out of bed brush my hair , brushed my teeth , and got dressed in my Jeans , a pink tank top and a black jacket . My dad had already brought my stuff to the car , he didn't want to see me go. Me and my parents drove an extremely awkward drive to the airport ,I finally got out of all of the security when they called for my flight to leave I hugged my parents goodbye and told them I would call them when I got to the airport in London , I walked away and turned around for one last good bye and my parents were wavering back and crying .after that I looked away as fast as I could so i wouldn't cry.i got to my seat and feel asleep for at least 3 hours and the guy next to me  look at me and said I hi and we talked until we got to London airport he was visiting newyork for vacation and said he love it there.

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