Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


4. Sick day

"Tiffany" Ashlyn said "did y'all kiss?"

" why do you ask" I asked teasingly and grining

" can't a friend ask  a question" 

"Ok , fine yes we did " i said excitined

"yes"we both screamed . We danced around  the house it was late so we said our good nights and went to bed I fell asleep thinking about Harry and our date and everything that happened today. I woke up about 5:00 and didn't feel well at all . I texted Harry to see if he was awake " hey babe " I said he answered " hey love, you wanna do something later other than our date ?" 

" babe Iam not felling that well , soo that's probably not the best idea"I said . " Well do you mind if I came over then"he replied 

"Yeah that's perfect , see you in a little while ". I got out of bed and went down stairs and saw Ashlyn and my friend Allison wait Allison . "ALLISON " I screamed  "TIFFANY" Allison screamed  we hugged for what seemed like forever , I told them that Harry was coming over and that I didn't feel that well.Allison went and made tea for both of us , "Allison , I thought you where suppose to be in japan " " I was but I wanted to be with y'all " she said . After we drank tea I went up stairs and laid down in my bed and checked my phone Harry said he was almost here , at that moment I heard the doorbell go off then heard Allison's voice and Harry's talking then foot steps up to my room Harry knocked on the door I said come in he walked in with a teddy bear and some flowers . " how is my love" he said then kissed me on the forehead I said " ok , just a little needed rest could help "Harry got in my bed and I cuddled up to him his body was so warm and he put his arm around me and we fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up feeling ten time worse i got up to go to the bathroom and I was so weak I  fell , Harry shot up and picked me up and put me in the bed and said " you really need to go to the doctor" , he sat down next to me and he gave me a hug and I started to cry into his chest he hugged me tightly and then carried me to his car and he went back inside and got me my teddy bear , then drive to the doctors.


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