Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


5. Sick day cont.

Harry and I walked into the doctors office and checked me in we sat in the back Corner and he was sitting there and was giving me a hug , he was telling jokes to make me laugh but he caught in the he should just be quite because nothing was going to make me feel better . The nurse called me and I walked in and left Harry out side the doctor came to the conclusion that I had gotten food poising from the Italian food i ate last night . He prescribed me medicine and I payed for the doctors and Harry and I left . When me and Harry walked out side I saw someone I never wanted to see again ,Brennan  he was in his phone talking I grabed Harry's arm and said " Harry , that's Brennan "I said clinging to Harry for my safety. Harry said " don't worry I won't let anything happen" . Brennan then turned around and saw me clinging to Harry and started to run with this evil look on his face . Harry picked me up bridel style and ran to his car put me in it and went to his side and got in an locked the doors then Brennan banged on my window and i flinched at each punch he threw to the window Harry turned the car on and drove away as fast as he could to his and the guys flat . The guys I suppose where there when we drove up the we're a couple of cars in the drive way we got out of the cat and walked to the house Harry had to grab my arm because I almost fell because I was still weak and we walked inside the guys where too busy watching football to notice any walked in Harry went to meet the guys and I went and made me some tea in the kitchen then walked into the living room and sat down next to Harry the guys just stared at me and I guess Harry forgot to tell them who I was and why Iam here " Iam Tiffany , and I came with Harry  I didn't sneak in like crazed fan".Harry then said " were going upstairs and watch a movie "and grabed my arm and brought me up stairs to his room and we watched the note book . I got a text from Brennan and it said "Iam not done with you and pretty boy , I will find out where you live and take you back , so you'll never see pretty boy again " . I showed Harry and he just cuddled me and said " everything will be fine " we fell asleep in each others arms 

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