Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


3. Diner

 After I made it a date with Harry I left to go to my friend Ashlyn's flat she owned , the taxi drive up to her flat and I have him the money , faster then you can say quickly  we were hugging each other , I walked in and she showed me my room , it was beautiful  it had a queen size bed , and crème colored walls , the closet was huge and connected to the bathroom . After I was done unpacking I told her about Brennan and my date with Harry she brought me out shopping in Piccadilly square we walked in to a shop and I saw this beautiful light pink dress it went up to my about my knees and had long sleeves and was backless and at the bottom had white lace . We got that and went and looked for shoes we found some silver  heels that had a bow at the tip if the shoe. We then left and went back to her flat  , I looked at my phone and got a text from Harry saying "can't wait for tonight babe ". I replied with " neither can I babe ".we drove up to Ashlyn's flat and I ran in took me a shower and got out I got dressed in my dress and heels Ashlyn ran upstairs and curled my hair and did my makeup but did it where you could barely see it . It was about 6:45 and I was doing the finishing touches on my make up and heard a knock in the door Ashlyn opened it and I heard Ashlyn coming to get me and tell me he was here. I was nervous , just as Ashlyn opens the door my phone started to ring and it was Brennan , I declined the call and walked down stairs and Harry's eyes shot wide open and he said "you look so beautiful " "thank you ,Mr. Styles " we both laughed a little and we left .Harry opens the door of a nice Italian resturant the waitress sat us down and took our orders. "That dress is beautiful on you Tiffany "Harry said "thanks" I replied  . " why are you so shy , tiff " Harry asked , " I really don't know , I have always been shy , when I was in middle school all I did was read and did what I was told didn't have many friends and I think that's what caused the shyness" I looked at Harry and he was starring at me I said "Are you ok Harry "" yeah I was just thinking about how your eyes sparkle, because they do that a lot " our food came out and we chatted for a little while .on our way back to Ashlyn's flat Harry turned in the radio and my fave song came on "lights by Ellie goulding" and I sang my Heart out and the song ended and Harry looked at me and said " you sing beautifully " " thanks , singing is one if my hobbies and so is playing instruments but Iam not good at singing " we drove up the gravel driveway and stopped at the front. Door Harry got out and opened my door , I got out and we both walked to the door befor I walked in Harry turned me around and kissed me , I fought for a second then I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist , we stopped and looked at each other , Harry said " tonight was wonderful would you like to go on another date " sure babe ." "Tiffany "" yeah Harry " I have two questions " ok " I answered confused " one will you be my girlfriend " " yes Harry I will " and second I just wanted to tell you I love " " Harry , I love you too "I answered as my cheeks blushed .i walked thorough the door and squweled 

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