Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


7. 7

harry just stared at me and i looked at him and he sat down next to me and said 'why did he say he was going to kill you ?'  . i looked at him and said 'because my family had inherited some money from my grandfather who passed away a couple years ago and he thought if he dated me even by force he would eventually propose to me and when i died he would get the money ,he told me when i got in a bad car accident and almost had no chance of living but here iam 'i was still starring into his eyes .his eyes began to fill with tears and got up and took my hand  and pulled me up and said'if were going to ashlyns house we need to leave now so we can make it to our reservation for the london eye.we walked down the stairs and hand in hand and the guys looked at us and harry and i said 'WHAT!!!!!?????' and we all laughed due to the  fact   harry and i said something at the same time .we drove up to ashlyns flat i assumed allison was there but allison didnt have a car but i know who did brennan  ."harry ,harry 'i wimpered .'yes' he said . i pointed at the car and i screamed 'why does he follow me 'and i put my head in my hands .  we sat in the car in silence and harry rubbed my back with his index finger . i looked up and saw brennan at the door talking to ashlyn ,she saw me in harrys car and mouthed 'go ,leave ' brennan turned around and took off running tworeds the car harry turned his car on threw it into reverse and took off.

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