Superstar boyfriend

Your new superstar boyfriend, harry styles, is protective and super sweet but your ex was abuseive , and what you thought would never happen again happened . You now find who really loves you or who uses you


6. 6

 i woke up and turned over to see harry sleeping.i decided to go take a shower and get dressed .i got out after about half an hour i then got dressed in black skinny jeans ,a t-shirt and some vans i walked out of the bathroom and harry was still sleeping .i decided to make breakfast so i grabed my phone and went down stairs to cook and the guys were sitting down stairs watching a football match between arsenal and chelsa .i decided  i wanted to play a prank on them so i saw the nurf gun on the table i loaded it and aimed it at louis head i pulled the trigger and it hit him  the head he jumped up and scream "HEY" and i feel on the floor laughing every exept louis were laughing . i went and cooked pancakes ,bacon,and eggs.i screamed "DONE " every one ran in   a half sleep harry was walking down the stairs ."finally awake sleepy head "i said harry walked up and gave me a kiss and louis and zayn said "get  a freaking room you two".i looked at niall and he was stuffing his face with bacon . "tiff ,you wanna go and see the london eye"harry asked "yeah but let me run by ashlyns house to go and grab some stuff .my phone went off and i looked at it it was from brennan "better watch your back"i  i just stared at my phone and everything went quite and i looked around at the guys harry got up and walked behind me  and read the text .he whisperd in my ear "i will keep you safe ,come up staires  need to talk to you". i nodded and walked up staires . i sat on the bed and harry closed the door and sat next to me and said "why  does he want to hurt and have you." " harry,of you want the truth i really dont know ,iam just extremely scared of him right now and forever will "i said “why did you date him " "because he said that if i didnt he would kill me “ i said trying to hold back the tears .harry just stared at 

me .

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