Thnks Fr Th Mmrs *Pete Wentz Love Story*

Taylor Marie Stump is 18 years old. School just ended, and her world famous brother wants to spend time with her. Patrick Stump invites his sister to come live in a house with four guys, one girl, lots of laughing, crying, love, and hurt. Will a certain band memeber catch her eye. But can she have him?


1. New Beginnings

"Okay Patrick! I know. Yes. Fine. See you in an hour." I hung up the phone and ran my fingers through my thick brown hair. I had to finish packing within the next hour. That was when Patrick was picking me up. I finally shoved my last shirt in my suitcase and tried to close it by sitting on it. Once it closed I drug the suitcase down the stairs. Thump. Thump. Thump. Down each step. *Ding* "Time to go..." Patrick walks in the house. He grabs my bags and walks out of the house. Why is he so cranky? I sigh to myself and head out to the car. I cringe as I hear Patrick slam his door shut. I quietly step in the vehicle as well. Patrick's hands are gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn white. "Patrick. What's wrong?" I ask facing him. His eyes met mine burning. I shrink back and his facial expression softens lightly. "Sorry. It's Pete." He growls slowing down for a pedestrian. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion urging him to go on. "His little bitch, I mean girlfriend, Meagan is such a fake. She wants him for publicity but he can't see that." Patrick says with a sigh before turning into a nice looking large home. I open the door of the car and see 3 other boys standing in the doorway. Patrick got my bags as I talk to them. "Hi!" Joe and Andy say at the same time. They high five each other and laugh. I giggle quietly and extend my hand. "Taylor." I smile beaming at them. After greeting Joe and Andy I turn to Pete. "I'm Pete!" He says. I extend my hand but Pete grabs it and pulls me in for a hug. Wow. Okay. Just a second later Patrick walks up the door step bringing my things in the house. Just another second goes by and a Black SUV honks as it pulls into the driveway. Patrick growls at who I assume is Meagan. "Asshole." Pete mutters before walking towards the car. She steps out of the car, thin brown hair over her shoulders, and her hazel eyes shining in the sunlight. "Hi babe." She greets before kissing him and walking towards us. "Joe, Andy!" She says in a fake excited tone. Her eyes wander over to me. She scans me. Her hazel eyes lock with my green ones. "And you are?" She asks bittersweetly. I extend my hand. "Taylor. Patrick's sister." She looks at my extended hand and brushes past me and into the house. I stare at Joe and Andy with utter confusion written all over my face. They shrug and we all walk into the house. A/N Thanks for reading (: just to clarify. I love Meagan but in this story she is going to be a bitch. And Bronx isnt born...yet.
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