Albus Potter and the magic box

Albus Potter has been exited about going to Hogwarts ever since his Dad told him about what happened when he went to Hogwarts. But when Albus gets there he is in for a shock and a really amazing adventure he will never forget!


6. Shocks and secrets

Soon it was time to go back to Hogwarts.


They decided to visit Hagrid, the games keeper, who had become their friend.


“Wow you've got a phoenix" Rosie called as they entered his hut.


" I got him off a stranger down the pub, had a cloak on so I couldn't see his face, he said he would give him to me if I told him how to get this book called Protective spells and enchant, so I told him and that was the end of the story" Hagrid explained.


Albus gasped with horror and ran out. The others followed him.


“I bet you the stranger under that cloak was Crabbe and I'll also bet twelve magic boxes that the book has information on how to get past some of the spells and enchantments"


The next day they went down to breakfast, but Professor Wood was there.


“I think you three need to come with me, I have some bad news" Professor Wood beckoned. They followed her to her office. A small room with a desk covered with paper and a cupboard.


"Lily Weasly is said to of been taken by the Crabbe, I ask you not to go looking for her for you could possibly find yourself in grave danger" Professor Wood explained


“I can't believe she is gone" wailed Albus, on their way back to breakfast.


"So come on tell us what she said, what’s happened?"  Enquired Shelly, Who was also in Gryffindor looking at their troubled faces.


"Lily is a prisoner of the Crabbes" Hugo sighed.


"She told us not to go after her" Rosie explained.


Soon the Easter holidays came which was not as fun because they had a whole lot of work to do from all of the professors.


But then they went back to Hogwarts. Albus was kept busy most of the time by Quidditch practise and Homework and more.


One night Scorpius the boy from slythrin and his friends challenged them to a dual at night, but they decided to take Albus’s invisibility cloak. They found them sneaking away from the place they had decided to meet. They caught them and brought them back.


Albus suddenly noticed that Mr long, the caretaker was coming so he signalled to the others and one by one without Scorpius noticing they slipped underneath his cloak.


Suddenly Mr Long came round the corner.


“You three had better come with me” he said as he saw Scorpius.


 Albus and the others followed them to Professor Wood’s office.


“Professor, I have found these three in the trophy room” Mr long explained.


“Right then that would be fifty points away from Slythrin, each and two weeks detention for you all” Professor Wood said calmly.


Albus found it hard not to laugh. After that they all went back to bed.


The next night they were talking.


“The Crabbes must be after the box, how could they not be, it could tell them how to overtake the wizarding world" Rosie thought.


"Yeah but think about it, there is probably lots of spells and enchantments, like there was for the philosophers stone that our Fathers got, who we were named after" warned Hugo.


“But how are we going to find Lily?" asked Albus,


“Think about it, Albus we can ask the box how to get Lily back" Explained Hugo, logically.


They talked late in to the night. They debated whether to get it or not.


The next day another Quidditch match was held.


“Welcome to the next match Hufflepuff against Gryffindor” called Daisy.


“The Game begins, The Quaffle is immediately taken by spinner neatly passed to Kate who puts it through the goal easily, Ten zero to Gryffindors” called Daisy


“The Quaffle now taken by Slythrin Marcus Tarrant shoots but the quaffle is no match for the Gryffindor Keeper, Thomas Fletcher” Daisy continued


The game went on and Albus suddenly caught sight of the snitch he climbed up trying to reach it he pushed on and on, the Hufflepuff seeker was closing in on him, that was not good, he had to get it, he pushed out his hand and stretched as far as he could and his hands nearly grabbed it when he fell forewords and hit the ground with a smash, he picked himself up and something gold fell out of his mouth. He had caught the snitch! Cheering erupted and Daisy announced that Gryffindor had won. Albus had never felt more pleased.


But the back of his mind nagged him not to be so pleased because Crabbe was trying to get the box.


What was the point of winning a match when there were bigger things to worry about, he thought. He hoped that the match would cool the argument with the other two.












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