Albus Potter and the magic box

Albus Potter has been exited about going to Hogwarts ever since his Dad told him about what happened when he went to Hogwarts. But when Albus gets there he is in for a shock and a really amazing adventure he will never forget!


4. Quidditch

They really enjoyed their first week at Hogwarts.

Albus, wherever he went was whispered about, just like his Father was.


“Hey, potter, you’ll soon find that some wizarding families are better than others, you don’t want to go round with the wrong sort like the Weaslys” A boy from slythrin called Scorpius told him.


“I think that the Weaslys are decent wizards for I have known them since I was one” Albus replied. Scorpius went off in a huff.


Little did they know that then they had made an enemy for there whole time at Hogwarts.


“Hey that’s the kid of Malfoy, the boy who Crabbe went round with, and the one dad told us to beat in every test” Rosie thought.


“Yep, think so, somehow I don’t think we will be friends with him despite what Mum told Dad about not turning us against him before we had even started school”  Hugo replied.


They all laughed and went off to their next lesson, which was flying.


"Welcome to your first flying lesson, step up to the left side of your broomstick and put you right hand out and say up" Madam William was explaining on their first flying lesson. They stepped up to left side of their broomsticks and said "up" their broomsticks flew in to their arms and then Madam Williams told them to try and fly.


It was wonderful they were flying, they all loved it. Albus noticed a young boy in his fifth year looking at him as though he was the best thing that ever happened to him.


Until Scorpius tried to knock him off his broom but when he swung th3 other way to get balanced he knocked Scorpius off instead.


After the flying lesson, Albus was walking to his next class when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw that it was the boy who was looking at him during the flying lesson.


"You’re Albus Potter Right?" He asked. " My name's Henry Tree, your father and Grandfather and lots of your relatives were seekers in Quidditch, and from the look of your first flying lesson you will be just as good, I would like to invite you to the team" Tree explained


“Thank you, when is it?" asked Albus.


“We can try you out tonight" He replied, smiling at his enthusiasm.


“Levitation will be very important in your end of year exams, now then don’t forget the swish and flick, everybody practise now, yes that’s it wands out everybody now then swish and flick “Professor Crum explained in that afternoons charms lesson


“Swish and flick” repeated the children.


“Good now add the phrase Wingardium leviosa, have a go at levitating your feathers” the Professor urged.


When the evening came Albus went out to the Quidditch pitch.


" There are four balls , this one is called the quaffle, the keepers handle the quaffle and try to get it through the hoops, these two are called blugers, they fly around trying to knock people off their brooms, the two beaters try and hit the blugers towards the other team, this tiny ball, is called the snitch, you have to try and catch it, it's wickedly fast and completely impossible to see, if you catch this before the other teams seeker then we win" Tree explained all in a hurry.


Soon they were both up in the air. Tree threw balls for Albus to catch. He didn't miss a single one. Tree was really pleased.


In a couple of days at breakfast everyone’s attention was caught by a large package carried by six screeching owls. Albus was surprised that it landed just in front of him.


He opened it, it was a broom.


“Wow Albus that is an international broom, the best in the world, a fire bolt 40000”marvelled Hugo. 


On the way back there path was blocked by Scorpius, who snatched the package from him.


“That’s a broomstick” he spat, feeling the package.


“It’s not just any broomstick, it’s a fire bolt 40000” explained Ron


“Naughty, naughty, First years aren’t allowed broomsticks, Professor Wood Albus has been sent a broomstick” He said to Professor Wood as she passed


“I know because I got it for him, he performed exceptionally well in his first flying lesson that tree has decided to take him on as seeker so we asked his parents to get a broom and this is what they sent” explained Professor wood.


“What make is it?” she asked.


“A Fire bolt 40000” Albus said, trying to keep his laughter in at Scorpius’s jealous face


That morning Albus found it hard to concentrate on lessons his mind kept going up to the dormitories where his broom lay and then down to the Quidditch pitch.


This earned him a telling off in Professor Woods’s class.


“Albus I know you have got a new broom but please try to concentrate” she sighed.











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