Albus Potter and the magic box

Albus Potter has been exited about going to Hogwarts ever since his Dad told him about what happened when he went to Hogwarts. But when Albus gets there he is in for a shock and a really amazing adventure he will never forget!


7. In to the chamber

That night everyone was happy in the common room apart from those who ought to be most happy were not because even after the Quidditch match Albus Rosie and Hugo were still arguing.  


“He could kill us all and the world could turn in to a mass of destruction and he could kill every singe muggle alive and all the wizards and witches who are muggle born! It could become chaotic” Albus urged trying to persuade Hugo.


“Yeah right and who out of us is muggle born anyway” Hugo shrugged.


“How dare you say that? Our mother is muggle born and I suppose you want her to die and also even if we are not muggle born we would be forced to join him or die anyway and I am not joining him in a million years” shouted Rosie, but not loud enough to attract attention.


The next morning they couldn't wait any longer. Crabbe could get the box anytime.


“We are going after the box tonight ok?" Albus told them.


“No way it's a trap” Rosie warned.


"I DON'T CARE! We need to get the box before the Crabbes” Albus shouted.


That night they snuck out of bed and went to the forbidden Forest.


"The Rooms empty and Rosie is here Albus, come on lets go!" whispered Hugo, hurriedly


They crept out the door, snuck downstairs and came outside to the cool, night air.


"Are you sure about this Albus? What if we meet, the giant spider Aragog?" Hugo asked fearfully.


"Dad told me Aragog died ages ago, so don't worry and anyway the chamber isn't in that part of the forest anyway" Albus explained looking at the map.


Finally they reached the chamber, where the box was hidden.


When they got inside they were met by a room of fire.


"Oh brilliant I know this one, there is a path through the fire but you have to step inside the fire to get through, so if you go in the wrong one you die" Hugo explained.


"Hang on a moment there are a set of numbers on the wall, a row, and above it is a five, I remember that from your book, the one you got for Christmas, that’s why Crabbe wanted it” Rosie looked for a moment


"Yes, every fifth number is the numbers across you have to go before you reach the one you want, hang on I’ve got it with me" realised Albus.


The first number was 8 so they went along eight and stepped in the fire. They got through. Once through that room the next room was completely made of doors.


"These six doors are tricky, one will bring you back where you were, another one will take you foreword to where you want to go, two will kill you instantly, two are a dead end, the two at the ends are pairs, another one of the pairs are together as well, the other two are towards the middle"


"That one takes us back, so...” Rosie looked at the doors and when she reached one she said" this one will take us foreword" confidently. They went through.


The next room was filled with snakes apart from the small platform they were standing on.


"Ok there are three leavers, I think one may take us back and one will drop us in to the snakes and one takes us across" Hugo thought.


Rosie was already looking at the leavers seeing where they go and without consulting the others pulled one and it pulled them across, they had made it.


At least they thought that they had. Suddenly the ground beneath them disappeared and they were falling. Falling in to darkness.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” they screamed. Rosie looked down and realised what it was.


“This is the devils pit soon we will reach ladders but if you climb up them you find it disappears but if you carry on falling then you get past and survive so don’t hold on to the ladders.


They reached the ladders and they didn’t hold on and finally they reached the bottom.


But Draco Crabbe was already there.


“Give me that box" said Albus, darkly.


“No, No, No, No, I don’t think that will happen” Crabbe replied. He had pure white hair and a smug, evil, dark face. He was wearing a dark suite with his wand sticking out of his pocket.


“I said give me the box” Albus spoke again


“I think you forgot about my hostage" Crabbe told them. He clicked his fingers and Lily appeared in chains.


"You give your wand to me and become my prisoner or this stupid girl dies" He explained.


"Albus don't you dare!" cried Rosie.


"Albus No!" put in Hugo.


"But Rosie...” Albus faltered.


"No you are more important" Rosie shouted


"Fine there's no other way" Albus sighed. He walked foreword and gave his wand to Crabbe.


“No!" cried Lily as her chains dissolved.


"Ha" I think I have found your weakness, your friends oh yes and I will send you an owl when I have killed him" Crabbe laughed. He took out his wand and Albus and he disappeared.

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