Albus Potter and the magic box

Albus Potter has been exited about going to Hogwarts ever since his Dad told him about what happened when he went to Hogwarts. But when Albus gets there he is in for a shock and a really amazing adventure he will never forget!


9. Escape


Meanwhile Albus was planning an escape.


When Crabbe came in to see Albus, he looked at him as though deciding something about him.


“Yes In a week I will have conquered the Wizarding world and proceed to Hogwarts I will bring you with me and kill you in front of them all, just so that you knew, you have a week left to live” He sniggered.


He went out and Albus knew he had to escape soon or Crabbe would kill him. He knew he couldn’t use magic, because he didn’t have a wand. So that meant that he had to do it as a surprise.


He finally settled on knocking him out somehow. But then he would have to do it while he was not facing him. The only time that happens was when he turns to lock the door. But he does it very quickly so timing will be everything.


His plan was when he was locking the door he would run up to him and push him in to it then he would get his wand and use it to get out. Then he would get a map of where he was and then find his way back to Hogwarts.


The next day, he had made his plans, so when Crabbe came to check on him he was ready.  Crabbe came in and turned to lock the door Albus ran forward and pushed him forward, he banged in to the door and crumpled to the ground unconscious. Albus breathed a sigh of relief that his plan had worked.


 Albus took back his wand and picked up the box he also used the Alohmora spell on the door and again to get outside.


Only then did he realise where he was, in the desert. There was a bang and the ground exploded.


A fully grown house elf was standing in front of him.


"I am Dobby, are you the descendant of Harry Potter?"


"You mean the descendant of Dobby that helped my granddad?"


"No, of his friend Winky" Dobby replied "and I will help you get home, Come" He beckoned. Albus followed; he hoped that Dobby would take him back to Hogwarts.


Through the desert they walked. Each day Albus was getting weaker.


Finally they reached the city of London where Albus went to Diagon alley and got some money from Gringots and spent it on food. How delicious it was! After day’s without it. But soon his money ran out. He didn’t want to get more money out so he carried on after only one meal.


They bought a map of the area from a muggle. Dobby then took him to platform nine and three quarters where they followed the track and finally found Hogwarts.


“Albus! What’s the matter with you” McGonagall asked as Dobby and Albus entered her office.


“He was caught by Crabbe and he was not given any food we got some in Diagon alley when he got some money out of his vault.


“You need to go straight to the hospital wing and given some food “Decided McGonagall, so the School nurse took him to the Hospital wing and laid him down and brought some food for him. He ate it gladly and then finally fell asleep in to a deep sleep that he had not had in days.


McGonagall decided not to mention Albus to his friends because she did not want them fretting about him during their exams.


Rosie and Hugo and Lily thought that Albus was dead. They had given up.


When Albus arrived he had not had much food for a long time. He was taken straight in to the hospital. He was taken home, but no one was told he was back so they spent the whole summer holidays thinking he was dead.


“He’s alive! Harry, Come here! Albus is alive, he’s coming home tomorrow!” Ginny rejoiced as she read McGonagall’s letter.


Harry came and looked at the letter


The next day, there was a knock at the door and there was Albus and Madame Creevy, the school’s nurse.


“Albus!” Ginny cried and ran foreword and hugged her son. Then she noticed how thin he looked.


“What’s the matter with him?” Ginny asked, concerned


“The boy has been starved, he has not had food or water for nearly one week” The nurse explained.


“Take him inside; we will give him an apple for now whilst Ginny makes a good meal” Harry Ordered.


“ALBUS!” cried Lily running up and hugging her brother.


Soon it was time for the rest of Hogwarts to return home.


Over the summer Albus tried to get hold of an owl so he could send messages to Hugo and Rosie.  But he couldn’t.









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