Albus Potter and the magic box

Albus Potter has been exited about going to Hogwarts ever since his Dad told him about what happened when he went to Hogwarts. But when Albus gets there he is in for a shock and a really amazing adventure he will never forget!


8. Albus is dead

Back at Hogwarts everyone was pleased that they were back. But when they asked about Albus they just replied “gone"


McGonagall had noticed that Albus was gone and they were summoned to his office.


"Tell me what happened" he told them.


They told him everything how Albus had given his wand to Crabbe so lily would not be killed.


"That is everyone’s weakness, when their family are threatened they give in" McGonagall noted sadly.


They wondered where Albus was, if he was alive.


A month later, after Albus appeared at school but this time he was hanging round with Scorpius from slythrin and started going out with a girl called Pansy . Rosie was very upset because she had a certain liking for Albus but she knew that he would never like her so when she heard in a letter she was a bit distraught.


During defence against the Dark arts with Professor Thomas, they were practising how to get rid of flesh Zombies.


"Destoye a Zombi!" Rosie shouted. Albus turned to a puddle of flesh. Rosie cried with sadness.


"That was not him, it was Crabbes copy, I suppose Albus would never hang round with Scorpius” Rosie sighed afterwards in the Common Room.


Meanwhile Albus was having a hard time.


"Welcome to our Home, you will stay here until I rule the wizarding world,” Crabbe sneered.


It was a cold dark room with six doors. Crabbe chose an old rotting wood door and told him "this will be your room" and shoved him inside. There was a bed and that was it. Apart from a strange machine in the corner.


"Let’s try my experiment" Crabbe said. He tried to push Albus to the machine, but Albus struggled against him, in the end Crabbe grabbed him and took him over then plugged him in.  Suddenly an exact modal of Albus appeared on the floor.


“This version of you, controlled by me, will go back to Hogwarts and you'll get a girlfriend, Pansy" He laughed.


"Don't you dare" muttered Albus.


The other version of himself got up and walked out of the door and it locked behind him.


Albus was pelted from the machine on to the floor.


A few days later. Albus was starving. He hadn't been given any food. He wished Crabbe would give him food. But Crabbe had other ideas.


“I have decided to give the wizarding world time before I consult the box” announced Crabbe.


Crabbe picked up his wand.


“But for now I will put you to sleep and send a picture of it to your friends and they will think that you are dead, sleepio!" sneered Crabbe. Albus dropped down to a deep sleep.


The next day the photo arrived for Rosie, she took one look at it and went white.


“What is it Rosie?” asked Hugo, he went round and saw the picture too, a tear trickled down Rosie’s face.


“Oh No!” cried Hugo and took the photo out of Rosie’s hands.


“We should show James” said Hugo. Rosie nodded and together they made there way along the table to Albus’s brother James.


They told him about what happened and showed him the photo he took it off them.


“Can I send it home, Our Mum and dad and lily should know that he is dead” James asked.


Soon the rest of the first year Gryffindors were looking at the photo.


“Excuse me, we need to give this James he wants to send it home” Rosie asked. Someone gave it to her and she took it to James who sent it home, with a letter explaining what had happened.


“Ginny, the posts arrived there’s a letter from James” Harry called as the owl dropped down he took the letters from it.


Harry opened it and his face went white with shock as he saw the photo, then he read the letter and by that time Ginny had come in and saw his face, she took it from him and read and looked at the photo and the letter two.


“That’s where lily went two days ago, I can’t believe that Albus is dead” cried Ginny. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Harry solemnly went to open the door.


“Hello Harry, Hello Ginny, oh, what’s the matter” Ron asked looking at their glum faces.


Hermione noticed the letter and the photo and took it and looked at it.


“Oh no, Harry, Ginny, I am so sorry” sympathised Hermione as she looked at the photo.


“What?” asked Ron. Hermione showed him the picture and Ginny burst in to tears. Ron went to comfort her. It was a very sad day.







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