Last First Kiss

Her life’s miserable. She doesn’t wanna live anymore. She just wants to get out of this hell. Tried to suicide but failed each and every time. Katie Henderson, living in England, goes to a school where she’s known as a douche bad, pig, fatty, bitch, and other unpleasant words which after hearing you guys might wanna be deaf. Being hated in school since the very first day. Expecting to be understood at home but still, no luck. Her mother died of cancer and her father did suicide by the loss of the love of his life. Living at her uncle’s house who never really appreciated her or her family. The family politics you must know. Uncle Mark always got home drunk as he had no family and every time when he arrived she knew what he was going to do. Climbing up the stairs to her room and beating her up. She would do anything to leave this place but it’s not that easy. She finds a person in school whom she could finally call a ‘friend’. His name’s Harry. Harry Styles. She starts getting close to h


16. THIS Close!!!

(Katie’s P.O.V)

I turned away. We were THIS close to kissing, but I knew I couldn’t do it. I knew I couldn’t trust Harry. Just not yet! Suddenly I heard my phone ringing. It was Zayn. Oh shit! I forgot to tell him which gift would be better!

“Hello?” I answered it.

“Hey, Katie you didn’t tell me which gift’s better?!” Zayn said.

“Yeah I know I’m SOO sorry Zayn! I just got caught up with something!” I said.

“With what?” Zayn asked, suspicious.

“Uh, PACKING!” I lied. “ Yeah, haha. I forgot to put some stuff and I went downstairs to get it and meanwhile your text came, I just came upstairs and saw your message an-” Zayn cut me off.

“Ok ok ok! Just tell me which one’s better? You at least saw the pictures right??” he asked me.

“Yeah yeah I did. Ummm I think Perrie might like the shoes. They are pretty sexy you know” I giggled.

“Really? Thanks! I hope she likes it” he said, laughing.

“Oh yes she will! I’m positive about it!” I replied.

“Thanks Katie, you’re the best. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here. I was getting so confused! Thanks again!” Zayn said.

“Hahahaha, you’re welcome. Anytime brotha!” I smiled, and then we said goodbye and I hung up and saw that Harry was still in the same spot as he was when I turned my head away.

(Harry’s P.O.V)

She seemed to be enjoying while talking to Zayn. We nearly kissed and she pulled away! Why?? I mean I thought we were friends now! But wait, it is all my fault. I can’t just go and kiss that someone whom I have hurt, right after she gave me a chance as friends.

“Umm, I-” I trailed off. She looked straight down at me, and then looked towards her feet and turned away to leave the room when I ran after her and grabbed her by the wrist, making her turn around and face me.

“What?” she asked, turning around. I could tell she was annoyed even though she was trying her best not to show it.

“I-I’m sorry” it hurt me saying sorry for something I really wanted to do. But right now, I had no other choice. I had to do it. Otherwise she would be mad at me and we wouldn’t get to talk again.

She looked up at me, nodded, slightly smiled and then turned and left the room without a word. I felt so weird. But I didn’t let it get to me.

*2 Hours Later*

“I hate the fact that you girls are leaving so early!” Louis said, he got back home half an hour ago, right after Niall and Liam came home after buying some food from Nandos. We all had breakfast. I couldn’t help but secretly stare at her which, again, she caught me staring. When she saw me, she just looked down back at her food and continued eating.

“Me too! I mean at least YOU should stay Katie! I mean we’ve had a secret hidden friendship with you since the last one year!” Niall shouted. Jumping like a kid.

“Oh really? Well how’s that?” Katie asked, crossing her arms and looking at Niall with a small grin.

“Through Harry! I mean I know you guys weren’t in contact, but see he WAS your friend once!” he replied. Katie looked at me, then back at Niall.

“Niall, that doesn’t make any sense. BUT no time to waste, I’ll just accept that though I didn’t understood a single thing!” Katie laughed and wrapped her arms around Niall and gave him a huge hug. He stayed still because he didn’t want Katie to leave.

“Aren’t you gonna give me a horan hug?” Katie replied, looking up at him, making a puppy dog face. God, her puppy dog face sure works perfectly! It made Niall melt and he leaned in and hugged Katie for as long as he could till Beth had to shout.

“C’mon Katie! Don’t take all day hugging foodie!” she giggled. Niall gave her a death stare and said.

“Yeah Katie you’d better leave before mama Africa comes here with her whole tribe, dragging you to the filthy old truck of hers!” he snapped back at Beth. Everyone bursted out laughing and Beth just sat there angrily. Her face turned red as she was too angry and embarrassed at the same time.

“I’ll get you for this one, Horan” she muttered, while starting the car as Katie got inside and waved at everyone. Everyone waved back.

“I’ll be waiting, girl whom I didn’t even both to ask her last name” he replied, wow he was a good answer giver.

I looked inside the car and then realized that Katie was looking at everyone except me. I felt horrible.

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