Last First Kiss

Her life’s miserable. She doesn’t wanna live anymore. She just wants to get out of this hell. Tried to suicide but failed each and every time. Katie Henderson, living in England, goes to a school where she’s known as a douche bad, pig, fatty, bitch, and other unpleasant words which after hearing you guys might wanna be deaf. Being hated in school since the very first day. Expecting to be understood at home but still, no luck. Her mother died of cancer and her father did suicide by the loss of the love of his life. Living at her uncle’s house who never really appreciated her or her family. The family politics you must know. Uncle Mark always got home drunk as he had no family and every time when he arrived she knew what he was going to do. Climbing up the stairs to her room and beating her up. She would do anything to leave this place but it’s not that easy. She finds a person in school whom she could finally call a ‘friend’. His name’s Harry. Harry Styles. She starts getting close to h


10. I Wish I Could Turn Back Time.

(Harry’s P.O.V)

Me and the boys were talking when suddenly the doors opened and we saw a bunch of girl standing there and smiling at us excitedly. But my gaze went directly to her. I recognized her the moment the doors opened. It was Katie. What on Earth is she doing here? I mean even after doing this to me! Even after tearing me apart! She still has the guts to come here and see me?? Suddenly I lost control of myself and felt myself getting up and going towards her, holding her by the hand and taking her outside to another place where no one could hear us.

“Harry?! What the hell!?!” she asked, clearly angry.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” I half shouted. She got a little scared by my sudden outburst but then looked at me right in the eyes and talked in the same tune I was talking to her in.

“My friends took me here! I don’t have any intention of seeing you anymore ok?!?” she shouted back.

“Then leave! Why’d you come, huh?!” I shouted back.

“Oh I’d love to! Just let me get the chance!” she shouted and started to get out of the room, when I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards myself again. I wanted to talk to her about what happened between us. No matter how much we hated each other. No matter how much I’ve cried because of her, I just wanted to make things clear so that I don’t have to think about what actually happened for the rest of my life.

“WHAT?!” she screamed at me, loudly.

“I wanna talk!” I said a bit loudly, but not shouting.

“Talk about what?? Oh! The way you broke me? I don’t want to!” she screamed.

“I broke YOU?!? Oh please Katie! It was YOU who broke me! You broke my trust! You cheated on me as well!” I shouted back, getting angry.


I was taken a back at this point. Did she say hospital?

“H-hospital?” I asked, in a shaken voice. I knew something was definitely wrong here.

“Yes! I was in a trauma attack cause my uncle beat me up! You wanna know why?? Because he saw YOU in the car with me! The moment I stepped inside the house he came running towards me with a broken piece of glass in his hand and he cut my hand with it!!” She pulled her sleeve up to show me the mark. It was huge, and deep. And then she continued, “ And when I defended you so he won’t come and beat YOU up he punched me and threw me across the room towards the stairs and it hit my head and blood came out! I FAINTED!!!!” she started crying, heavily.

“WHAT?!?!” I was shocked, but her uncle told me- was he lying?

“And I couldn’t talk to you because the battery of my phone went dead and I kept getting panic attacks. I wanted to be in your arms so badly. I wanted to see you! When I finally got out of the trauma and got my phone charged and called you, you threw THAT shit on me! Harry no one ever understood me completely. And this one time I found someone like you, someone I trusted with all my heart, body, and soul you just completely left me stunned! When you broke up with me, I had an operation!” she said, sobbing. I felt like dying when I saw her like this. Especially that all that happened to her was because of me. She had an OPERATION because of me!?!

“Operation?” I asked, I had started crying as well. Trying my best to hold back the tears but no luck.

“Yes! Heart Operation! They said it would be hard for me to live because I had too many mental and physical tortures.” She buried her face in her hands and started crying harder. “I don’t know why you did that but Harry it surely tore me apart. Why DID you do it?!?” she started to scream again. “Huh?! Why did you tear me apart? Is THAT why you came in my life in the first place?? Is this what you always wanted to do with me??”

“Katie! Please just let me speak. I didn’t walk out because I wanted to! I was stupid because I believed what your uncle told me! He said he always wanted the best for you but you never appreciated him and that you took his money and ran away from the house! I didn’t know he beat you up and you were in the hospital! I had no idea and I could only assume the worst as no one was telling me where you were and he was the only person who gave me some news! I still couldn’t believe it! I knew you couldn’t do anything as such but ….I just……I have no idea what I was thinking! But I regret it all now! I should’ve seen this coming!” with that I just stepped closer and pulled her into a hug. Before we even got into a complete hugged, she pulled away. She looked direct in my eyes; her eyes were red and puffy. She was sobbing very heavily.

“Katie I-” I started but she cut me off.

“No! Save it Harry!” with that she started to walk away when I grabbed her hand, and turned her towards me.

“Katie please! I seriously didn’t know what was going on and since I hadn’t heard from you for so long I just-” I said.

“You could LISTEN to me??! What about when I was crying on the phone? Begging you to listen to me?? When I cried for you and you called me WORTHLESS!?! Have you already forgotten?!?” she asked, angrily shouting.

“I WAS AN IDIOT! I will do anything to make it up to you! I’m so sorry Katie I didn’t know what you were going through! And knowing that you had a heart operation because of me just tears me apart! All I need is one chance and I’ll make everything perfect for you! I promise!” I promised her.

“You promised me the EXACT same thing last time! You sad you’ll make everything perfect for me since I didn’t have any parents! How exactly do you expect me to trust someone like YOU now??” she asked.

“I-I don’t know but I just need one chance! I can’t live without you! Seriously you have no IDEA how much I tried to forget you but I cried SOOO much for you! This whole year went sooo shitty! You have no clue!” I said, crying harder.

“I shouldn’t have let you in my life in the first place. It’s all my mistake. I’m sorry Harry, sorry for letting you take the seat next to me in the cafeteria. I just wish we never met. Now let’s pretend we’re not friends. Let’s start again. You’re Harry Styles from One Direction and I’m Katie Henderson, a normal teenage girl.” She said, looking at me with no emotions.

“I can’t do that. I’m just too in love with you.” I said, while pressing my lips together. I stepped a little closer, she stepped a little back, to get away from me. I wish I’d listened to her and trusted her, then today we might have the strongest kind of love out there. We would’ve kissed right now. We would be just perfect. She’d let me hold her. She’d let me kiss her. I’d be able to call her my girl, my babe.

“Harry I have to go.” She said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah I know. Can you please at least give me another chance as friends??” I asked her. She shook her head that meant ‘no’.

“But I forgive you” she said. My eyes grew wide. Did she just say she forgave me??

“Wha-what?” I asked, completely stunned by her kind-heartedness.

“Yes, I forgive you” with that she walked out the room.

I cried into my arms as heavily as I could.

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