Last First Kiss

Her life’s miserable. She doesn’t wanna live anymore. She just wants to get out of this hell. Tried to suicide but failed each and every time. Katie Henderson, living in England, goes to a school where she’s known as a douche bad, pig, fatty, bitch, and other unpleasant words which after hearing you guys might wanna be deaf. Being hated in school since the very first day. Expecting to be understood at home but still, no luck. Her mother died of cancer and her father did suicide by the loss of the love of his life. Living at her uncle’s house who never really appreciated her or her family. The family politics you must know. Uncle Mark always got home drunk as he had no family and every time when he arrived she knew what he was going to do. Climbing up the stairs to her room and beating her up. She would do anything to leave this place but it’s not that easy. She finds a person in school whom she could finally call a ‘friend’. His name’s Harry. Harry Styles. She starts getting close to h


12. I Forgive You.

(Harry’s P.O.V)

We went to Nandos as Niall begged. When we were having lunch and everyone was talking, Katie was sitting right infront of me. I could tell she didn’t like it, she wanted to sit as far away as she could from me. I felt like shit. I wanted to hold her tightly. The whole time I kept secretly staring at her, but I knew she noticed it.

“So birthday girl! What do you want as a present from us?” Liam asked Katie as he took a bite of his lunch.

“Umm, nothing. I’m okay” Katie gave a fake smile.

“Awh, come on! At least give us a hint! We wanna bring you something!” Zayn said, smiling at her. She smiled back and shook her head, no. Her friend beth whispered something as she ate her lunch and looked towards Katie, giving her the look of say-it-say-it! She shook her head and Beth gave her a mad look. She hesitated.

“Katie please! Please please please!” Niall murmured as his mouth was filled with food. She looked at Niall, then at Beth and gave her a ‘fine’ look and said.

“You guys are spending a day with me on my birthday, that’s enough for me” she smiled a little. I really wanted to give her something, something special. Only if she’d accept it, which I knew, she wouldn’t.

Wait! Is she really wearing my shirt?? The one which I gifted her?!? Is this real?? A huge smile went across my face as I stared at her shirt. She looked at me, then down at her shirt, then back at me, and then looked away. I could tell she didn’t wear it herself. It must be one of her friends who made her wear it. Damn.

“No! That’s not enough! Katie I’ll be mad at you forever if you don’t tell me!” Louis said as he looked away in a dramatic way. Katie looked at him and said.

“Forever? You sure we’ll have contact till that time?” it might sound rude but at that time, no. She was right. They were just spending a day with us. But I didn’t like the sound of that. I WANTED to stay in contact. I wanted to start a conversation with her but I didn’t have the guts. But this was the right time! We were in front of everyone! She wouldn’t ignore me here! I HAD to talk.

“Don’t worry b’day girl, we got THAT under control!” Liam said as he looked over at Niall, and then at Beth. Whoah. Didn’t see this comin’.

“Liam!! Shut up man!” Niall said, as he punched Liam on his shoulder. Liam giggled.

“I already have a boyfriend!” Beth sighed.

“I don’t care!?” Niall snapped back, we could tell he didn’t wanna be with Beth. All of us giggled at this and then Liam turned and looked over at Katie.

“Now! Spit it out missy! We’re gonna be friends, till the end!” Liam gave her an evil grin and she giggled. I heard that giggle after such a long time, I couldn’t help it and I gigged along. When she saw me giggling, she stopped. I felt sad at this point.

“And even if it isn’t because of Niall and Beth, we’ll somehow get your number and message you ALL DAY LONG girl!” Zayn winked at her. I hated the way EVERYONE was talking to her so casually and even winking at her. And I, the one who used to know EVERY secret about her and told her every secret of mine, can’t even LOOK straight into her eyes! Ugggh!

“Ummm, well. I seriously don’t want anything, guys!” Katie said, getting a little casual with us. Well actually everyone except me.

“BUT WE WANNA GIVE YOU SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” All of them shouted at the same time. everyone turned around and started staring at us. I chuckled, she looked over at me, I turned straight face. I wanted to smile at her but before I could, she looked away.

“Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok!!!!! I’ll tell you! Give me some time to think! But you guys, ALL TOGETHER, will give me JUST ONE gift ok?” she said. They all shook their heads and said ‘no’. She sighed.

“Well then give me what you guys want to, now enough of this topic. Change the topic please!” she said, they all nodded. After having lunch we went outside and decided to go to an adventure park. We all had super fun there, actually everyone else except me. I wanted to talk to her but never had the guts.

“Oh no you don’t!” Niall said, as he grabbed Katie’s hand who was trying to get his sandwich. I started to boil up with anger when I saw Niall holding Katie’s hand. I started to pretend to be in a hurry to get a sandwich, I ran in between them, slapping Niall’s hand away from her.

“Ow! Dude Hazza! That hurt!” Niall murmured. I gave him an apology look, and he just smiled. Everyone wanted to go on different rides. I didn’t wanna go on any.

“Dude! You just sit here ok? Let us have the rides! If you want anything to eat, buy yourself” Zayn said as he pointed towards an empty bench. I nodded and sat. I saw them taking rides and enjoying. I saw the way all of the boys were smiling while talking to her. It filled me with jealousy. Though I know Zayn has Perrie, Liam has Danielle, and Louis has Eleanor. Niall’s single but I know Katie’s not his type. He wants someone who loves food and eats food as much as he does. She doesn’t. But still, something made me blow up with anger when I saw her and one of the boys smiling at each other. I saw her get off a ride, talk to her friends and then the boys.

“Ok sure! Just sit there with Harry and wait for us cause honey, we ain’t getting off this ride this soon” Louis said, she laughed and said.

“Take your time Boo bear!” she laughed. I can’t believe they had gotten this close with her! This soon? Wow. I saw her coming up to me, not looking at me. First she searched for an empty bench but there was no empty bench except for mine. She sighed and just came and sat down next to me, like the first day we met and she was afraid to sit near me. I sighed and looked at her. We stayed quiet for a long time, and then I spoke out.

“Why aren’t you talking to me?” I asked, shaking nervously. She looked at me, and then looked away.

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel like talking to you Edwa-” she was about to use my middle name as we used to when we were friends, but stopped.

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve forgiven me. If you have then just give it another start, even as strangers, but we have to talk!” I said.

“Why? Why is it so necessary? If we’re strangers then we don’t need to talk if we don’t want to!” she snapped back. I sighed.

“Listen Katie. I know you’re really mad at me and trust me, I’m trying to make it better. It may take some time. I know it won’t happen right away bu-” she cut me off.

“Quit it Harry! Stop acting as if you really regret it! You don’t! And even if you do, it’s too late! Do you have ANY IDEA how many times I cried for you?! I had breathing problems! I thought I was gonna die anytime soon. I even tried, but failed, each and every single time! I told you that people think that it’s MY fault that my father did suicide and I even explained why he actually did it! I told you EVERY single thing about me! I trusted you! And this one time my BIGGEST enemy talks shit about me in front of you with those crocodile tears, you BELIEVE HIM?!? Like seriously Harry?? If anyone told ME any bad stuff about you, even if it was someone I loved very dearly, I STILL wouldn’t believe them. I would AT LEAST listen to what you have to say! But you never cared about me! It shows Harry! I’m not blind!” she shouted at me. Tears starting to fill her eyes.

Right then she reached for something in her pocket, and took her phone out. She started to search for something and then held out a text in front of me. It was from her uncle. Here is what it said.


From:  Uncle Mark

To: Katie Henderson.

Katie if you got this message, no need to reply cause I don’t wanna hear a word from you, you SLUT! Just go and NEVER come back! I DON’T WANNA SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE EVER AGAIN YOU BITCH!?!? Go and cry to the world with those crocodile tears, telling them how miserable you are! No one’s gonna listen to you, you ass! And that guy you came with in the car, I tell you he won’t even care to look at you ever again! He’ll take you as a piece of worthless shit! You know why?? Because  you ARE a worthless piece of shit! I should’ve beaten you up like this before! I should’ve thrown you out of the house! No, you know what?! I should’ve given you for adoption or even better, I should’ve directly killed you! I should’ve stuck that piece of glass in your neck so that you get hurt and cry and shout for help and struggle till you died! I was an idiot! But now that it’s all said and done DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT! Live your fucked up life and leave me alone! Bitch! And if you dare come back then Katie Jane Henderson I am SERIOUSLY going to kill you! And in such a violent way that the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD will have pity on you!! YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?

I exploded into tears after reading it. I kept crying until I was breathless.

“Katie I’m so sorry!” I said, sobbing.

“I know.” She said, and put the phone back in her pockets. She was silently crying as well. Right then I just stuck out my arms and hugged her tightly. This time, she didn’t push me away. Instead, she put her arms around me and started crying as well.

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