Last First Kiss

Her life’s miserable. She doesn’t wanna live anymore. She just wants to get out of this hell. Tried to suicide but failed each and every time. Katie Henderson, living in England, goes to a school where she’s known as a douche bad, pig, fatty, bitch, and other unpleasant words which after hearing you guys might wanna be deaf. Being hated in school since the very first day. Expecting to be understood at home but still, no luck. Her mother died of cancer and her father did suicide by the loss of the love of his life. Living at her uncle’s house who never really appreciated her or her family. The family politics you must know. Uncle Mark always got home drunk as he had no family and every time when he arrived she knew what he was going to do. Climbing up the stairs to her room and beating her up. She would do anything to leave this place but it’s not that easy. She finds a person in school whom she could finally call a ‘friend’. His name’s Harry. Harry Styles. She starts getting close to h


7. God Sent 2 Angels In My Life.

(Katie’s P.O.V)

I can’t believe what just happened. My heart skipped a beat. I exploded into a bomb of tears and cried so much that my sob could be heard 3 floors down the hospital. I cried for 3 weeks continuously. I saw Harry on the X Factor. I was still happy for him. Even though he was so rude to me. Even though he said all the words I never expected him to say. I expected him to be different. I trusted him. All my life I’ve never trusted anyone like this and this one time I did THIS is what happens?! I can’t believe it! I should’ve never let him be this close to me! I should’ve never sat down next to him in the cafeteria on his first day! I still cared for him. I know someone told him a lie. But how can he trust that someone over his own girlfriend so easily! But, I’m no longer his girlfriend. I cried more on this thought. I cried for months and months that eventually the doctors said I needed to stop crying as it may affect my heart and cause a lot of pain and other things that can cause me to die. I wanted to die. That’s why I cried even more, but no luck. My life was already messed up and I needed to live this way. For the best, for the worst. I was stuck but I had no other choice.

*1 year later*

“Mom! Can I open my eyes now??” I asked as I heard some giggling and shuffling sounds.

“No! Not now! Wait! Countdown everybody! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-AANNDD-ONE!!!” everyone screamed as I opened my eyes and saw in front of me a brand new car! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG kept flowing through my mind as I gasped while staring unbelievably at the car.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!” they all laughed while singing the song ‘Happy Birthday’. I kept laughing, unbelievably. It was my 19 birthday. My parents promised me to but me a car when I was 19.

How did I get parents? I’ll tell you. See, when I was in the hospital, after like a month or so this lady visited me because she was from some charity organization. She saw me and my condition and asked the hospital management about me, they told her about me, having no parents and having these crying attacks again and again. Some days later she visited me again, this time with her husband. They seemed pretty nice and cute and they asked me whether I would wanna go with them. Whether I wanted to start a new life. I thought about it. Life? I wondered whether I was gonna get it again but then I thought that if Harry can move on, if the one who put me in this place I am right now can easily move on, then so can I. and I should. I agreed and they adopted me. When I reached their house I realized how rich they were. They had a huge mansion and like 5 cars (or more). They didn’t have any child. That’s why they wanted me. I felt like a princess there. I loved them and they gave me the life that I needed to have to get my mind of Harry, Uncle Mark, my old school, and the bullies’. I needed to get over my old life. After a while we shifted to Bradford because people didn’t like me there in Cheshire and my parents weren’t happy with that. They shifted because of me! For me! I couldn’t be more thankful to them. I loved my life now. No fear. No nothing.

“My own freaking car!?!?!?” I screamed while covering my mouth. I ran towards my parents and hugged them tightly while sobbing a bit.

“Thank you for coming in my life you two. You’re my angles” I whispered as they even started sobbing.

“Now now honey, stop crying! It’s your birthday and everyone’s here! Look you have friends, parents, relatives! Everyone!” My mom said as we pulled away from the hug. Both of them kissed me on my cheeks.

“It’s all because of you. I love you guys!” I said and smiled.

“We love you too” dad whispered to me.

I went over to my car, looked at it and jumped up and down till I felt a little push and I was thrown into the water by my friends.

“What the-!?! I hate you guys!!” I scream, while laughing and splashing water towards them. We all got into a huge water fight while my parents smiled and left the place for me and my friends to enjoy.

After a while when the fight ended we went to turn on the T.V and here was the news.

“The world’s most famous boy band ‘One Direction’ is going to have a concert in Bradford tomorrow! I’m sure a lot of directioners must be jumping and screaming right now! I’m very excited myself cau-” I just changed the channel before they gave any further information.

What?! Harry? Harry Styles?! HE is going to perform?! Why?! Why here!! But I’m thankful he doesn’t know I’m here.

“We are so going! Look I even bought tickets for the four of us! Leaving the boys apart” my friend Beth screamed as she shoveled the tickets in my face. We were 4 girls and 3 boys. A whole group.

My heart fell 1000 feet deep when I heard this.

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