Last First Kiss

Her life’s miserable. She doesn’t wanna live anymore. She just wants to get out of this hell. Tried to suicide but failed each and every time. Katie Henderson, living in England, goes to a school where she’s known as a douche bad, pig, fatty, bitch, and other unpleasant words which after hearing you guys might wanna be deaf. Being hated in school since the very first day. Expecting to be understood at home but still, no luck. Her mother died of cancer and her father did suicide by the loss of the love of his life. Living at her uncle’s house who never really appreciated her or her family. The family politics you must know. Uncle Mark always got home drunk as he had no family and every time when he arrived she knew what he was going to do. Climbing up the stairs to her room and beating her up. She would do anything to leave this place but it’s not that easy. She finds a person in school whom she could finally call a ‘friend’. His name’s Harry. Harry Styles. She starts getting close to h


2. Are You Alright?

(Katie’s P.O.V)


I arrived in school the other day. Yesterday the whole day after school I’ve been thinking about this Harry guy. He was so cute, smart, and handsome. Had such an awesome personality. He could be in any popular group of the school and yet he chose to be friends with me! He really had an awesome heart. When I arrived in school I saw him standing in front of his locker, he had a huge smile when he saw me. Butterflies in my stomach, again.

“Hey Jane!” he waved at me.

“Hey Edward!” I loved the way we were so casual with each other and call each other by our middle names which no one else was allowed to as Harry promised me.

We spent the whole day together again. Talking talking and talking. He said he always wanted to be a singer. He works in a bakery though, these days.

We met nearly everyday after we became friends, I was shocked no one ever came to him or told him any bad stuff about me. We had the best times in just 1 month! We had been friend for nearly a month and a half now. We got soo close. We both know we have feelings for each other. He asked me out a week ago. It was the greatest day of my whole life! He gave me a t.shirt which has ‘Music makes me go OOOO-oooooo’ written on it. It was kind of funny but I loved it. And I gave him a puzzle necklace which has ‘Katie’ written on it (and I had the other part of the necklace as it was a puzzle necklace) on my neck lace ‘Harry’ was carved and both of them could be stuck closely together and they formed a heart.  He knew about my parents death and stuff but I didn’t tell him that my uncle always beats me up cause I’m afraid that might cause him to break into a fight with my uncle. But it was all getting in my head and I needed to tell someone. I decided to tell him today. We’re going to meet up in the park.

“Why don’t you show me your bakery, Edward?” I asked as we were sitting on the bench of a park, he looked at me with a grin and said.

“Only if you stop calling me Edward, but you can call me Styles though.” He said, running his hands through his hair, showing how much style he had. No wonder why he wants me to call him that.

I groaned. “Fine. But don’t call me Henderson. Keep calling me Jane” I smiled.

“Ok, but why can’t I call you Henderson? I don’t see anything wrong with it.” He said.

“Dude? Henderson’s a guy name. Jane’s a girl name!!” I said, moving my hands in the air which made him laugh. Oh his laugh was so sweet. The sweetest smile and laugh anyone had ever seen in this world.

 “Leave it! So Styles! Take me to your bakery!” I said, getting up and reaching out for his hand.

He looked straight at me. Then just smiled and took my hand and we went to his bakery. I loved it. It was awesome.


(Harry’s P.O.V)


I showed her around the bakery and then asked her how it was.

“It’s beautiful, Styles! It has the STYLE!” she giggled when she said this.

“You’re beautiful” I winked at her. She blushed. Her smile was beautiful, even her laugh. The way she looked around the bakery, just beautiful.

“Ok, now come on! Let’s go outside and I’ll have you meet my family!” I grinned at her as I took her hand and ran our way to the house. The warm touch of her hands made me wanna hold it forever.

“Oh hey Harry! Why’re you so la-” it was my mum who opened the door. She stopped her question when she saw Katie and asked me, “Who’s this pretty guest we have Harry?”

“Katie. Katie Henderson. Katie Jane Henderson.” I giggled while saying, while Katie laughed. I loved making her laugh.

“Ok, so Katie. Why don’t you come inside and have a little tea with us? It’s already supper time. Let me get to know my son’s choice” she said while smiling at me. Katie laughed but then there was silence.

I turned to look at Katie who’s face was turned pale.

“Katie? Are you alright?” I asked as she looked at me straight.

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