Can I Remember Anything?

This story is about a girl that wakes up in a back alley, passes out, then can't remember anything. But then she meets two guys named Zach and Louis. Zach and Louis (Their brothers) are on the run from the police, after they broke into a mall and stole stuff. They take her To Las Angelus (L.A.) with them. Will two of them fall in love? Will they get caught from running away from the police? Or will they get in trouble for supposedly "kidnapping" her?


1. Meeting Them

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this book I'm writing. I hope you like it.

Thanks to people reading this,

  Where am I? I thought to myself.

I looked around, and saw I was in a back alley. I looked down at myself, and was covered in water.

I stood up, then I started walking down the back alley.

 Once I saw the sky, I looked around and saw people walking on the sidewalks. I began to feel dizzy, then everything went black.

     I started hearing voices saying "We need to go." I heard another one say "When she wakes up we will leave."

I opened my eyes and I saw two guys, one having green eyes, black short hair, was also wearing a grey t-shirt, and blue pants.

The other guy had baby blue eyes, brown wavy hair that covered one of his eyes, and was also wearing a grey t-shirt, and blue pants.

The first guy (the one with green eyes) started to say something but I interrupted them by saying "Uh, hi."

They both stared at me and the second guy (the one with baby blue eyes) said "Oh, um hi, I am Zach, and the other guy is Louis, we found you passed out by a back alley."

I said "Oh, I don't remember my name, and I can't remember what happened before I passed out."

Zach said "Oh, we'll I don't mean to be a rush but, I need to go." I asked "Oh, may I go with you?"

Louis said "No, she can't go with us." Zach said "Sorry, we are like on the run." 

I said "Please let me go with you, I don't remember anything, I can't even remember my family, or where my house is."

Zach said "I guess you can, but don't do anything stupid." I stated "I won't, trust me."

We got out of Zach and Louise's apartment and headed to their green Ferrari car. 

      When we got in the green Ferrari car, I asked "Where are we heading to exactly?" Zach said "Los Angelus (L.A.)."

I said "Oh, okay." Zach and Louis started putting their sun glasses on. Louis said "Here, where these." 

I asked "Why?" Louis said "Just in case we get caught." I then stayed silent.

The next thing I knew was that we pulled up to a gas station. Zach asked "Would you like anything to eat?" I asked "Could you get me a hamburger?" Zach said "Shure."

Then Louis told me to stay in the car. So I did as I was told. After 5 minuets went by, they both came back to the car. Louis was in the drivers seat, Zach in the passengers seat, and me in the back seats.

When they both got into the car, Zach handed me my hamburger. I said to Zach "Thank you." Zach said back "Your welcome princess."

After he said that I blushed a crimson red. Louis said to Zach "Awwww look, you made her blush." Zach looked at me and said "I shure did."

Then Louis started driving. After a few minuets went by (like 3 minuets), Zach said to me "You better get some sleep, this is going to be a long ride."I stayed silent then I soon drifted off to sleep.

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