The Movellas Interview Diary

I took this off and I'm putting it back up again (Nov, 2015). Enjoy! - Here you will find interviews with some of the most talented on Movellas. They will tell you about their likes, dislikes, favourite authors/books, weird talents, goals, ambitions, celebrity crushes and much more. Oh and they will also shed some light on the much debated and controversial question slash topic or whatever you wanna call it, that has been discussed since the dawn of man: is it okay to turn your underwear inside out so it can last a little longer... okay, maybe not that last one...


2. Vampiress




Name: Vampiress

Age: 13

Your best piece of work on Movellas: I'm not really sure about that one as I try to write for the readers and not for myself, I like stepping outside of my comfort zone and writing genres that I wouldn't normally write. I really don't know.

Likes: Omg,  I like loads... Minecraft, Teen wolf, Alphas, Touch, The Hunger Games, Food (everything to do with food), music, writing, being "evil", films, LOTR, books, The Gone series by Michael Grant, scaring people, being hyper, chatting, Pitch perfect, insulting 1D and Bieber, and sooo much more.

Dislikes: 1D - It's not "One direction" that I hate, it's the fans :/ Bieber, tomatoes *throws up*, babies, sluts... And.... Slenderman... I have nightmares about him.

Favourite Author: This is a really hard one, there are so many authors that I love for different reasons but I'm probably going to stick with Michael Grant. He has written a six book series, each book with a different name (more commonly known as the "gone series"), he is a really inspirational author and is also very dedicated to keeping up with his fans.

Books you recommend: Erm, it depends on what you guys like to read, my personal faves are a bit weird and probably not well known. The Hunger games, Twilight (guilty as charged), The Gone series, The Fallen series, Vampirates (don't ask), LOTR and The Hobbit (duh), and Movellas own "Daddy Wont Know."

What makes you stop reading a book: I will never stop reading a book halfway as I think it's unfair on the author, but the books I do dislike seem to take forever to read as they don't have a real story line or they are too predictable.

What makes you read a book more than once: If I haven't read it in a while I will go back and read it again so that I can have a quick recap of the story. I often find myself going back to read series rather than just a single book.

Do you have a weird talent: Erm a few yes, I can do archery, I'm a knife thrower and... and I can speak fluent Elvish XD (those are some pretty cool talents to have! :D)

Celebrity crush: Do fictional guys count as celebs? I guess not. Ok, I'm so sad, I have like tons. Here I go. Tyler Posey, Orlando Bloom, Zachary Gordon, Liam "freaking cute" Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Felton, *facepalm* Captain America, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, TYLER POSEY <3 and any other guys I have claimed to love.



1. So what shall we call you – Vampiress, Wanderer or Goth? But I'm tempted to call you all three as they all exude awesomeness!

Erm I dont really mind what you call me, as long as you don't ship my name into anything or you don't call me a slut then we will get on fine :)


2. So what actually made you want to join the Movellas writing community?

I bet everyone has awesome back stories about why they joined  Movellas but mine is really simple, I read it in a magazine and then thought it was perfect as I love to write and can share my work here with others.

3What made you want to write – was it a book you read or is this something that you discovered you had a talent for or is it something else entirely?

Writing is just something that has come naturally to me and its just a way to channel emotions into something better.


4Who is you literary idol?

I find all authors inspirational but don't have a particular one.

5You say on your profile that you want be an actress or an author but which one do you really really really want to be? (And I mean desperately! I often daydream about being a multi-millionaire who is married to Ben Barnes but then my sister pinches me and wakes me up from it... because I'm drooling all over my food... Cool story, no?!)

Actress. Everyone says I wont make it (I know I know but I can still dream) but I still have fantasies... don't judge. (I, the interviewer, think that you will definitely make it! You've got to remember that it all started off as a simple dream for every successful actor/actress out there! Just don't stop believing in yourself :D)

6What do you think is the difference between a GOOD story and a GREAT one?
Good: Good story line.
Great: Great packed story line with a connection between the readers and the characters.


7What piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors out there?

Advice: Be yourself and don't let anyone put you down. If you think your ideas are good that's all you need to be able to have faith and confidence to produce a story.

8Being a newbie on Movellas is tough - what advice would you give to those who have just joined and are looking to really establish themselves on here like you have?

Lol I'm established? Just get in there and don't be afraid (god that sounds wrong), write down your ideas and develop them into something amazing and original.

9What is the best thing about writing?
I can be myself and make up places and people that should but don't exist.


10What do you think of this interview – has it been an awesome experience or a not-so-awesome experience? Be careful about what you say... I'm a very sensitive person *cries because I stepped on a leaf*. I know the leaf is dead but it has feelings too you know?! Even though it is dead... oh well.
I loved taking this interview... It took forever though.




Dogs or Cats?


Rich or Poor?


The Hunger Games or The Host?

The Hunger Games

Candy or Chocolate?


Sunshine or Rain?


Snow or Rain?


Vampires or Wolves?




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