The Movellas Interview Diary

I took this off and I'm putting it back up again (Nov, 2015). Enjoy! - Here you will find interviews with some of the most talented on Movellas. They will tell you about their likes, dislikes, favourite authors/books, weird talents, goals, ambitions, celebrity crushes and much more. Oh and they will also shed some light on the much debated and controversial question slash topic or whatever you wanna call it, that has been discussed since the dawn of man: is it okay to turn your underwear inside out so it can last a little longer... okay, maybe not that last one...


8. J.K. Panesar




Name: J.K. Panesar (Nickname: Kammy)

Age: 15

Your best piece of work on Movellas: I’d have to say ‘Wolf Boy & Me’ even though it only has one chapter. However my fan fictions: ‘Only You’ and ‘Fight For You’ are quite popular too. I tend to write more for myself and improve along the way, so I’m not really sure.

Likes: Oooh, I like lots of stuff. I’ll name a few things that I like: music, writing, reading, chocolate, acting, dimples, people that make me laugh, being “malicious”, Titanic, being annoying, perfection, Kendall Schmidt. I could go on, but you’d probably get bored and it will take all day.

Dislikes: Dolls (they just stare at you O.O), bullies, exams (stress), needles, racists and my haters.

Favourite Author: This is hard, because I have loads of favourite authors. I will have to choose a few from my millions of favourite authors. In no particular order; Jacqueline Wilson, Aylson Noel, Becca Fritz Patrick and Lynsay Sands.

Books you recommend: The Hush Hush series by Becca Fritzpatick and the Immortal series by Alyson Noel.

What makes you stop reading a book: I don’t really stop reading a book. Even if I find it a bit boring, I will still carry on reading it. Strange I know, but that’s me.

What makes you read a book more than once: If it’s extra cute and romantic, I will read it again. No doubt. I am a sucker for romances.

Do you have a weird talent: I have many weird talents. Most of them will creep you out. Enough said.

Celebrity Crush: Defiantly Kendall Schmidt. Most of you may find him ugly, but I actually love him, so… yeah.




Hola JK, how are you feeling today?

I am feeling just great, thank you.

So wow – you're pretty famous and well known in the Movellas universe, you have over 2000 loyal fans and you only joined a year ago! You're practically a celebrity. How did you do go about establishing yourself and becoming so successful on here?

I wouldn’t call myself a celebrity on here; I am just like everyone else. I joined movellas because my English teacher saw potential in me. So I made an account and it all started off from there. The first thing I published was my ‘Possessed’ book, which was actually my English assessment. I got many views and likes, so I decided to put some more stuff up. I guess, people just like reading what I write, therefore they fanned me. I thank my Little Carrots very much, they are much appreciated.

On your profile page you mention that you refer to your fans as little carrots, how did you come up with that name?

Well, I love carrots! Simple as that. I always eat raw carrots. There is one thing that irritates me though, is when people say I call them Little Carrots because Louis from One Direction likes them. That’s not the reason, and I am not even a Directioner. I just love carrots, and love my fans so I called them my Little Carrots.

What do you think is the best thing about writing?

The best thing about writing… hmmm… I’d probably say how in transports you into your own made up world. A world where you can take control and make anything you want to happen. It’s like you’re the God of that made up world and you can control everyone and everything.

So when did you start writing and what made you want to write?

I started writing ever since I can remember. I remember I used to have this thin pink Winnie the Pooh note up and I used to write everything in there. All my stories, songs and secrets. It was like my personal treasure. My teachers played a big part in encouraging me to write. I always thought I was so bad at English, because of my spellings. But my teachers showed me how I can get better and made me believe I can become a writer.

You say that you have a dream of becoming a successful writer like Wilson, Noel and Cabot. What does being successful mean to you and how would define success?

Being successful to me is to be known. So I could go into any part of the world and people will be talking about my books, my plots and my characters.  I want people to know J.K. Panesar and hopefully leave a legacy.

What do you think is the difference between a good story and a great one?

A good story has a great plot, characters and way of describing things, where as a great story would take all those things and multiply it by infinity. You read a good story then forget about it after a while, where as you would remember a great story till your old age.

If you were to go to an isolated desert island for 16 months and could only take 3 things with you – what would you take?

I would take plenty of books, unlimited amount of food and drinks, and my laptop.

Choose any one of the stories you've written on here... once you've done that, can you list a few actors/actresses who would play the characters if it was to be turned into a movie?

Okay… the story I am choosing is Heal Me. The actor who plays the character Tyler is going to be Alex Pettyfer or Kellan Lutz. The actress who plays the character Jophiel is going to be Chloe Grace Moretz. The person who plays Clarisse is going to be AnnaSophia Robb. You’re probably going to have to google some of these.

Are you really a fortune teller and does whatever you draw come to be? (If so, can you draw me in mansion, with a swimming pool in the back garden (even though I can't swim... I just sort of move about like someone stuck in quick sand) and a lambo parked up front :D).

No I’m not really a fortune teller, although I tell myself that. It was actually a private joke that started off with my English teacher. In year 7 I drew My English teacher holding hands with another teacher. Three years later, they have been going out for six months and are getting married in July! They are going to use the picture that I drew onto their wedding invitation, to say where it all began. I can try draw that for you, who knows... it might actually come true. (Ooh, give it a go - you never know :D ooh that rhymed!)

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors around the world?

I’d tell everybody to keep writing, because the more you write, the better you will get. Another thing, don’t let anyone put you down. If they say you can’t write or are rubbish art it, don’t take it to heart. Instead continue writing more and more, because when you become an expert, you can’t tell them that they were wrong. Also reading other people’s work is a good way of expanding your writing skills.




Sweeties or Chocolate?

Chocolate… yum!

Carrots or Turnips?

Carrots… defiantly!

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. I hate cats.

Rain or Snow?

Rain. I love that smell you get when stone and rain is mixed.

Rich or Poor?


Cola or Pepsi?

Cola… I think.

Sunshine or Rain?

Sunshine. I love a sunny day. It makes me feel so happy!

The Evermore Series or The Story of Tracy Beaker?

The Evermore Series


Interviewee note:

Sorry Little Carrots if you found this boring. This is actually the second interview I have done… so I’m not very good at it. Anyway, this was fun! 


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