The Movellas Interview Diary

I took this off and I'm putting it back up again (Nov, 2015). Enjoy! - Here you will find interviews with some of the most talented on Movellas. They will tell you about their likes, dislikes, favourite authors/books, weird talents, goals, ambitions, celebrity crushes and much more. Oh and they will also shed some light on the much debated and controversial question slash topic or whatever you wanna call it, that has been discussed since the dawn of man: is it okay to turn your underwear inside out so it can last a little longer... okay, maybe not that last one...


3. I Love Fun




Name: Gabrielle

Age: 15 (on my profile it says 17 but that's because I put fake ages on incase of creepy people)

Your best piece of work on Movellas: I honestly don't think any of my works are any good, but, if I had to pick, probably either The Lucky One, Who Is At My School? or Love Is A Ruthless Game. (Your work is quite good! :D)

Likes: Music, fun., one direction, taylor swift, movies, reading, writing and rugby

Dislikes: mean people, popcorn (unless it's toffee) and long classes (over 30 minutes long is what I class as long)

Favourite Author: Cathy Hopkins

Books you recommend: Mates, Dates series, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging series  and Michael Morpurgo books

What makes you stop reading a book: When it gets boring and I lose interest in the story line

What makes you read a book more than once: When I completely fall in love with it and I just need to fall in love with it all over again

Do you have a weird talent: I can make my toes dance (don't ask) 

Celebrity Crush: Nate Ruess and Jack Antonoff (I can't decide)




1. On your profile you say that you are 'I'm happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time but in the best way' but if you had to choose one of those, which one would you be? (I think Taylor Swift is just greedy being all four at the same time :p):
 Happy or Free, I can't decide between those two!


2So what actually made you want to join the Movellas writing community?

I wanted people to read my stories because my stories are either based on my life, people's lives who I know/knew or my daydreams (they are mostly my daydreams).


3. What made you want to write – was it a book you read or is this something that you discovered you had a talent for or is it something else entirely?

I think it was when I was younger. I learnt to read at a very young age which I think was about four or five, and I loved to read and it always made me happy. I found out that books made other people so happy and I just wanted to do something to make millions of people happy too, and writing was what I decided to do. 


4. Who is you literary idol?

Probably Cathy Hopkins or Louise Rennison


5. What do you think is the difference between a GOOD story and a GREAT one?

A good story I'd say is when you think a story is okay, but you wouldn't read it again. A great story is when you want to read the story over and over again and you wish it could be you and things like that.


6. What piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors out there?

Just keep daydreaming and don't be scared to write about something. People love to read about different types of things so don't worry about writing something, always write what you think feels right and most importantly sounds right.


7. What is it about flip flops that you are so obsessed with? Is it the shape... the texture... the feeling of the cold but strangely satisfying wind on your feet?

I honestly don't know. Whenever I'm home I always wear flip flops. I like the feel of different things on my feet, like the wind, fluffiness of cushions and when it rains the water as well. 


8. Being a newbie on Movellas is tough - what advice would you give to those who have just joined and are looking to really establish themselves on here like you have?

Well, just write about what you want. Read other peoples movellas and then comment on them. People will get to know you better that way. Most importantly don't be afraid to put yourself out there as an author.


9. What is the best thing about writing?

I don't know, I think writing about your daydreams because it makes you feel like you're actually living in it. My daydreams/dreams are mostly about romance or fanfics(as they call them on writing websites)


10. What is your opinion on writers block? Do you think it's an actual 'thing' or that it doesn't exist at all?

I think it exists as I get it a lot! I think the only way to get around it is to listen to music or do something you enjoy and you'll eventually get ideas. Daydream whenever you can because that also gets more idea out of your head that you didn't know existed.




Sweeties (Candy) or Chocolate?


1D or Fun?

Sorry Directioners but I have to say my beautiful boys, Fun. :)

Dogs or Cats?


Rich or Poor?

Poor because you can always rise up, if you're rich mostly the only way you can go is down

Cola or Pepsi?

I don't drink either. 

Sunshine or Rain?

Rain, I like to feel it on my skin.

Snow or Rain?


Movellas or Wattpad?

Ehm, I like movellas! It has so many awesome people on it but wattpad is also good but not as good, I don't have many followers on it. 


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