Collage Girls

Brooke Murdoch, Ella Hunter and Grace Gallagher are all starting college in London. But they didn't know the famous One Direction would be there. What else could happen? Guest starring, Little Mix and Jessie J

[RED]-explicit content 16+


2. The Party <3

-1 hour before the party-


We had discovered that in the evenings all the teachers leave, and Jessie J stays. But she has no rules, and lets us do whatever we want. She even lets the 17+ teens drink alcohol and smoke. But Jessie is really nice, and we even got a free CD of her latest album signed!

"What are you wearing tonight?" I asked the girls. (Grace-  Ella-  Brooke-

"We look great!" I said. I took a picture of all of us and posted it to Twitter. My phone started beeping immediatly with favorites, retweets and followers. I looked at my followers and saw I had 6358! I also saw someone tagged me in a post. It was Jesy. - Excited for the party tonight with my girls, @onedirection and newbies @brooke_murdoch18   @graceg64 and @ellabella! Xx- I think we all got loads of followers from that tweet!




The party was on the roof top of the college. And it was high up. Us, One Direction, Little Mix and about 150 other people were there. There was smoke about, because people were smoking, but it blew away fast. Music was playing loud and there was a lot of alcohol about.

"Hey girls. You's look great!" Perrie said. Everyone except her was getting drunk.

"Thanks. I'm going to get a drink. Or lots." Grace said. Ella followed her to the drink table.

"Guess we're the only ones not getting drunk!By the way, you look great!" (Perrie was wearing this-

"Thanks, you too!" She said.


-A few hours later-


It was about 11:00.p.m and everyone except Perrie and I were already drunk. Grace was so drunk she nearly fell off the roof. Jessie decided to bring the party into the big hall. After a while, we found Ella and Harry in a corner nearly swallowing each other whole. We decided to leave them, but Ella would probably come out pregnant.

"Do you just want to leave? I hate being around drunk, smoking people." Perrie said.

"Yeah. Grace would probably try to get us drunk anyway, she done that to me once and I felt horrible!" I said to Perrie as we walked out.

"I got really drunk once I was such a wreck. Worst experience of my life!" She said. We walked to the games room.

"Challenge you to a game of air hocky?" She asked. 

"Its on like donkey kong!" I said, and we took our places at the air hocky table. We began the game, and the score ended up at Perrie- 4 Me- 7

"Oh yeah, I win!" I shouted.

"Well done." Perrie smiled, giving me a high five. After a while more of playing more games, a very drunk Eleanor, Grace, Harry and Louis came in.

"Hey girls, where have you been! We've been searching the cupcake for you!" Harry's voice was slurred, and they all had glazed eyes. They were also stumbling about everywhere.

"Do we help them?" I asked Perrie.

"Yeah. I'll take Louis and El to their room, and Grace to your room. You take Harry." I nodded and dragged Harry to his room. He put him on his bed and he pulled me onto him so I was straddling him.

"Harry what are you-" He kissed me hard. I pulled away.

"Your drunk, go to sleep." I said. He spun round so he was on top of me.

"Harry don't!" I shouted. He kissed me again,and I don't know what got into me. I threw my arms around his neck letting him kiss me. He kissed down, ripping off my top and bra and kissed, licked and sucked my breasts. A few moans escaped my lips. He kissed down my stomach, and slowly pulled down my jeans, as well as my pants. He kissed and licked the un-searched area. Then he stuck two fingers into me. I almost screamed in pleasure. He finger me for a while, then pulled a condom out his side drawer.

"Wow, your prepared." I laughed. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and rolled it on. He lined up, about to go into me.

"You ready?" He asked. I nodded, and he pushed into me. I screamed.

"Ha- Harry... don't stop." He laughed at me. He thrusted in and out, getting fast and harder. After about five minutes he pulled out. Then I realized what I had done. I pushed him off me, getting up and putting my clothes back on. I started crying and ran out the room. I passed Perrie in the hallway.

"Whats wrong?" She grabbed me, stopping me from running away.

"What did he do?" She asked.

"Harry done nothing, it was my fault to!" I ran into my room and got into bed, crying myself to sleep. Why Brooke? Why the fuck Brooke?

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