Collage Girls

Brooke Murdoch, Ella Hunter and Grace Gallagher are all starting college in London. But they didn't know the famous One Direction would be there. What else could happen? Guest starring, Little Mix and Jessie J

[RED]-explicit content 16+


1. Going to London! <3

Brooke's POV


I cannot believe it. We are in Grace's RV, going to London. Grace, Ella and I we're attending a college in London, and it was actually a shock we got in because its the best college in the UK. And people have said that teen celebrities are there.

"Brooke, you okay? You look really pale." Grace asked. I was knocked out of my trance and faced Grace.

"I'm fine. Its just, the bus is going quite fast, and its making me sick." I replied.

"Martin, slow down a bit!" Grace shouted to her driver, Martin. Shes so rich she has her own drive to drive us to London. But we were silly for leaving at 8:00pm, it takes 12 hours to go from Inverness to London. But we all had gymnastics today, so we had to leave tonight.

"I'm going to bed." Ella said. It was about 2:00am, and I think we were all tired. Ella jumped onto her top bunk bed, and shut the curtain.

"I think I'll go to bed too." Grace said getting up.

"Okay, me too." I went into the bathroom and put on my blue tartan pattern pajama pants, a black tank top and put my long light brown hair in a messy bun. I looked at myself in the tiny mirror. Yep, still the same brown hair, green eyes girl. I walked out, putting my other clothes in my suitcase, and got into my bottom bunk bed, shutting the blue curtain. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


-Hours later-


I woke up to Martin shouting we were here. I opened the curtain and got up.

"Thanks Martin." I said giving him a hug. As well as him being Grace's driver, he was also like an older brother to us.

"No time sweetheart." He calls every girl sweetheart. I looked in my suitcase for my white tank top, maroon zip up hoodie, light brown jeans, mint converse and red and black OBEY snap back. I went into the tiny bathroom and got changed, washing my face and teeth too. I brushed my tangled hair and put it up in a messy bun again. I also put on a bit of make-up - foundation, mascara and light pink lip gloss - and then went out the bathroom. I made sure I had everything, then went out the bus with my luggage to see Grace and Ella outside. Ella was still in her pajamas.

"El, I don't think you can wear pajamas to college." I laughed. She just yawned. We all gave Martin one last hug, then headed into the college which was right in front of us.


"So you are Brooke Murdoch, Grace Gallagher and Ella Hunter?" The reception lady asked. We nodded.

"Here is the key for your room. You have one hour and thirty minutes to unpack and get settled, then please meet Mr Reid in his office." She said handing us a small silver key, with a cardboard flap on it saying Room 247.

"Thank-you." I said, and we headed up to out room. Third floor sadly. And the lift was only for people in wheel chairs or crutches. We finally made it up to Room 247, and I opened the door to see a huge room with three beds, a sofa and a TV.

"And this is for three people?" Grace said as we walked in. I quickly ran over to the blue bed at the wall, and put my three suitcases and long brown fringe bag on the bed. Grace got the pink one at the end, and Ella got the green bed in the middle. We all unpacked, then started discussing which celebrities we think would be here. I looked at my red ICE watch. It was only 9:00pm, so we still had half an hour. I walked over to the window, and looked outside. The view was amazing, I could see Big Ben, the London Eye and One Direction. Wait- ONE DIRECTION?

"OH EM GEE, GUYS LOOK ITS ONE DIRECTION!" I shouted. Ella and Grace ran over to the window, and we saw all five boys walking up towards the door. Our window was just above the door. They stopped and waved up at us. We waved back, probably looking like retards. We were big fans of the boys, and Little Mix too. About 10 minutes later there was a knock on our door. I went over and opened it, and there was One Direction.

"Hi, we're One Direction! We heard your new, and wanted to say hi." They all said in sync. I just stood there in shock. Luckily Ella saved me.

"Hi I'm Ella. Back there is Grace and here is Brooke." She slapped me hard on the back, which always hurts.

"Hi, yeah I'm Brooke." I said.

"Come in!" Ella said, opening the door wider. All the boys came in.

"Big place you got here. We have a smaller place, and we're five messy boys!" Niall said.

"Yeah, we're naughty." Liam said. We all laughed.


When it came to 9:30am, we were sad to have to say bye to the boys. They gave us cards that said their Twitter, Facebook, room number and phone numbers on them. We got a hug from them too, and then we went down to Mr Reid's office.

"Ah, hello girls! Come in, sit!" He gestured towards the three chairs in front of his desk. We all sat down on them.

"So, how are you liking this college so far?" He asked. The girls looked at me. I'm usually the one to answer.

"Its great, our room is amazing and the campus is beautiful." I replied. Mr Reid smiled.

"Have you met anyone yet?" He asked.

"Yes, we have met Louis, Liam. Harry, Zayn and Niall." I didn't want to say One Direction in case he thinks I'm obsessed with them.

"Yes, the One Direction boys. I should also tell you we have Little Mix here. And Jessie J works part time." We looked at each other and smiled.

"Well, here are your time tables for lessons, you all have the same. And a few classes with Little Mix and One Direction. Also here's a map of the campus. It was nice meeting you's, please enjoy London Royal College!" We politely took the papers from him and left his office. I looked at the map.

"Guys, there's a game room down the hall. Says its open all hours, want to go?" I asked. The girls nodded, and we walked down the hall to the games room. As we walked in, we saw One Direction playing pool, Little Mix playing table tennis and some other people we didn't know.

"Hi Brooke, hi Ella, hi Grace!" Louis waved to us. We walked over to the boys. Niall and Liam were finishing up a game.

"Winner plays one of the girls, whoever wins rock paper scissors." Niall said.

"Okay." Ella said. We turned to each other and done rock paper scissors. After we had said rock paper scissors, I shouted dynamite. Instant win.

"You always do that!" Grace laughed.

"I know." I laughed.

"Hey, whats going on here?" The Little Mix girls came over to us.

"Brooke is going to play the winner." Ella said.

"Ha, good luck. I'm Jade, and this is Jesy, Leigh-Anne and- Wheres Perrie?" Jade said. We looked over to see Perrie and Zayn kissing.

"Get a room!" Jesy shouted. They broke the kiss and laughed.

"Well. That's Perrie." Jade shook her head.

"I'm Brooke, this is Ella and Grace." I said. We all smiled at each other, then Niall shouted, "YES! WINNER!" Guess I'm playing Niall!

"Come on Brooke, I'm gon' beat your ass!" Niall laughed. By now everyone was gathered round the pool table.

"You probably will, I'm useless at pool." I lied. Actually I was really good. I got in all balls before Niall could even make one shot.

"Your no good?" Niall said, jaw dropped.

"Lying!" I said, high fiving Perrie. Suddenly a girl with brown curly hair walked in.

"Hi Lou!" She said. Louis ran over to her, kissing her. Girlfriend?

"Hey El." He said smiling.

"El-bell!" The boys said hugging her. We were introduced to her (Eleanor, Louis girlfriend)

"There's a party tonight for the end of year. Are you all coming?" Leigh-Anne asked. We all nodded. Yay, party!"

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