Lost It All

Alana used to be the happy girl. She used to have tons of friends. That is until her best friend Bree gets hit by a car and dies in Alana's arms. Suddenly half the school blames her for the accident. Alana is sucked into a dark depression. She is pushed to cutting and becomes suicidal. Will someone be able to help her or will she stay alone and lost. Plunging deep into the darkness. A darkness where she cant come out.


2. The Worst Day Ever

 I wake up in a pissy mood. What is the point of school. All you do is read boring ass text books and sit with bitchy ass people. Its annoying as hell. I go and put on my black hoodie and black skinny jeans. Then I put on my black combat boots. Next I fix my hair with my bang going over my left eye. Then I put on thick ass eyeliner and CC tears. 
  Yeah I wear war paint to school so what. I spend the rest of the time listening to music. The Morticians Daughter was playing. I love this song. One of the few love songs I will listen to. Unless it seems to right at that moment..Like if I am walking and leaves are falling. Making it look like a love scene out of one of those horrible movies.
   I listen to a couple more songs and then look at the time. Damn its already 8:30. My bus comes in 10 minutes.I grab my school bag and then go and walk to my bus stop. I wait and wait and finally the bus comes. I get on and sit in the back. "Hey look its that Emo chick!" One of the girls call to me
"Vampire why do you always wear black?" One of the boys yell. I just put in my head phones and listen to Die For You. 
   I am so sick of this but for some reason I stay. When I get to school I hurry to my locker. I take out my headphones put them in my pocket and open my locker. A bunch of papers that say Killer all over them fall out. I hurry grab my books and go to my first class.

   I get in there and take my normal seat in the back. I just sit and doodle. I dont pay any attention to what the teacher says yet I still get okay grades. "Alana would you like to solve the problem?" The teacher asks me snapping me out of my flash back.
  "No." I snap.
"It wasnt a question come and answer the problem." She yells at me.
"No." I say again.
"Now." She snaps with authority filling her voice.
"I said no. You cant force me to solve that stupid problem." I say raising my voice.
"If you dont I will send you to ISS." She snaps at me.
"Okay." I shurg and get up to go.
"Where do you think your going?" She asks me.
"ISS." I say. "Oh and the answer is 4 equals X." I say with a smirk and slam the door.
   Well thats one class out the way. I go into ISS and Mr.Goadie greets me. "In here again Alana." He says. "Yep." I laugh. 
"What happened to you? You used to be such a bright young lady." He asks me.
"She died along with Bree." I snap. He just stays quiet. Anyone does when I menton Bree. 
After the bell rang I left. "Alana dont get kicked out of your other classes." He says. 
"No promises!" I yell back.
   The rest of my classes before lunch surprisingly I dont get kicked out. At lunch I listen to my favorite song Lost It All By Black Veil Brides.

 I ruled the world with these hands, I shook the Heavens to the ground 

I laid the gods to rest 
I held the key to the kingdom, lions guarding castle walls 
Hail the king of death 
Then I lost it all, dead and broken 
My back's against the wall 
Cut me open 
I'm just trying to breathe 
Just trying to figure it out 
Because I built these walls 
To watch them crumbling down 
I said 
Then I lost it all 
And who can save me now? 

I stood above another war, another jewel upon the crown 
I was the fear of man 
But I was blind, I couldn't see the world there right in front of me 
But now I can 

'Cause I lost it all, dead and broken 
My back's against the wall 
Cut me open 
I'm just trying to breathe. 
Just trying to figure it out 
Because I built these walls 
To watch them crumbling down 
I said 
Then I lost it all 
Who can save me now? 

I believe that we all fall down sometimes 
Can't you see that we all fall down sometimes? 
I believe that we all fall down sometimes 
Can't you see that we all fall down sometimes? 

I believe that we all fall down sometimes 

After that plays Wretched and Divine comes on. After that goes off I have to go back to class. Today is Gym and we are starting something new. I go in and we are taken to the pool. Hell No I am not messing up my makeup! 

"Excuse me I refuse to swim!" I snap.
"Well you have to or you will fail gym." She says.
"Fine with me." I shrug. 

I sit down and listen to music the whole class. After that bell is over school just drags on. When the final bell rings I hurry to my locker. I put my stuff away and then I start to head to the bus. 

"Hey Emo, why did you kill Bree?" Some chick asks me.
"I didnt kill her!" I snap back.
"Yes you did we all know it! Im surprised your not in prison yet Emo." She snaps back.
"I didn't kill bree you little prick!" I yell.
"Oh no dont get mad you might kill me to!" She taunts.
"Shut the hell up!!" I yell tears threatening to spill. 
"No. I dont want to." She taunts even more.

 I just turn and walk away trying to keep the tears inside. I dont take the bus home I just walk. When I get in my mom greets me. "How was school honey?" 
"Just leave me alone!" I snap. I go and lock myself in my room. My mom doesnt even follow me anymore she knows that I will just yell at her.

I burry my head in my knees and just start crying. I was not a killer. Its not my fault Bree is dead. I keep trying to tell myself that. Although it changes to I am a killer it is my fault if it weren't for me she would be alive.

I turn up my music as loud as it goes and cry myself to sleep. Like I do every single night. 

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