Lost It All

Alana used to be the happy girl. She used to have tons of friends. That is until her best friend Bree gets hit by a car and dies in Alana's arms. Suddenly half the school blames her for the accident. Alana is sucked into a dark depression. She is pushed to cutting and becomes suicidal. Will someone be able to help her or will she stay alone and lost. Plunging deep into the darkness. A darkness where she cant come out.


1. The Accident


   "Alana hurry up we have to get to the mall fast!!" Bree yells to me. I am laughing with Emily because of the funny dance that Bree keeps doing. "Hold on girly I have to go get my book from Mr. Shavers!" I yell back. "Well hurry up I gotta go get me some new bracelets!!!" She yells back at me. 
"Okay okay." I yell turning to go get my book. Out of nowhere I hear a tire screech and Bree scream.

    I turn around and see Bree laying on the ground bloody and the driver of the car driving away. I run and hold up Bree. "A A Alana?" She whimpers.
"Its okay I'm here." I assure her.

"I don't want to die." She whines.

"You wont." I promise her. Tears are streaming out my eyes. I couldn't believe I might lose my best friend. When the ambulance comes I ride with them and wait in the waiting room while they do surgery and try to save her. I pray and I cry and I just sit alone waiting. She was staying home alone because her mom was dead and her dad was on a business trip.

After about 2 hours the doctor comes in. "Shes alright right!" I say through my tears. 
"I'm sorry Alana, your friend is dead. We called your mom she is on her way to get you." They say. I just sit there stunned. I go and sit down. No this cant be happening. We were going to live together and go to college together. 

I couldn't do this. When my mom came to get me I just stayed quiet. She tried talking to me and tried comforting me but  I dont want it. I go to the funeral and just sit there. I cant find myself to cry. I become more depressed. I dont come out of my room and I just stay alone. I lose all my friends I lose everyone.

**End of Flashback**

   That is how I became how I am. I am depressed. I am Emo. I have no friends. About 2 weeks after the popular girls started the rumor that I am the reason that Bree is dead. I couldn't function right. I just felt like I had died inside. I just felt so alone. 

    My name is Alana. I have black hair and blue eyes. All over my arms though were scars and cuts. That's right I cut. I dont care though. I am a loner. I couldn't stand being around people. It wasnt even worth the pain. I could never trust people. 

    I go to school when I want. I just feel like if I ever got close to anyone I would just lose them again. I lay down thinking. Tomorrow will mark the 2 year anniversary of her death. I just couldn't believe it. I had been to 14 consular and none of them could help me. Then again I wouldn't talk. I more so just sat there. 

   My only escape was music. The only stuff I really listened to was Black Veil Brides, Peirce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Blood on The Dance Floor. There was like 1 song by Jessie J one song by Demi Lovato and like 1 by Sia but nothing else. My music helped me deal with the pain. Music said words that I couldn't say. It described my feelings.

   I was absoultly dreading school tomorrow. Only because school is going to be bad. I had to go tomorrow so I wouldn't be considered truant. I turn on my music and blast it at full level and go to sleep dreading praying I dont wake up.

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