H.O.P.E (Hold on, pain ends)

“They’re coming for me…by the time you read this…I might not be here, Nate has me Kendall, I need you to come and find me this time. I don’t have 9 years to spear, my life is in his hands now…save me Kendall….please….”

From sitting under the willow tree in Kansas to strumming a guitar on the white sands of Malibu California, Macey Hernandez has had a long time of hardship and struggle. With her ex syco boyfriend escaping from prison, her mother and father hunting her down after she ran away for good away from her home in Manchester and the reunion of her brother from another mother- Kendall Schmidt, she certainly has a lot on her hands. After Kendall and Macey go head first into the problems they need to face they realise that they won't be able to go further until they become stronger. As everything becomes more intense, can Kendall and Macey still stay friends?


1. Introduction

This moment was about to change my life forever. My entire hopes and dreams rested on the dependability of omy band mates. Someone shouted down the silent corridor- a murrmered name. The words unclear so it was hard to understand. Then came the significant sounding of footsteps echoing out across the dark, dimly lit corridor. Then the words came again this time clearer and also dangerously closer too. The room i sat in was filled with the remaining lingering smoke of cigars and dank must andf grime which lined the walls. On a button pushed couch which had rips and burnt patches here and there is what i perched on. Suddenly the door swung open sending a gush of air against my face, squeaking on it's hinges. A face appeared in the doorway. It wasn't a face i was pleased to see. "Nate!" I snapped "Hey sugar" The boy whispered closing the doorbehind him. "Who do you think you are?! Open that door now!" I screamed, looking him rght in the eye then. Something i hadn't done for years. He looked worn. His face red, his eyes like the demonds skin. The way his limbs flopped facing downwards making him in comparison with a very mentally erupted ape. "How dare you! How dare you even show your face here?!" I bit at him "Your makinng a mistake!" He screamed making me sigh "Don't go to Los Angeles! You need to stay here in Manchester with me! We belong together. You know we do!" "I'm going to Los Angeles Nate! I deserve to have the life you never gave me!" Thats when it happened again. His fist clenched, one thrust and he had me doubled over meclenching my stomach, then his knee was in my side and i was was watching blood pour from my mouth and onto the cool, stoned floor. "Watch your mouth!" His shout rattled tin my ears and my mouth poured more red liquid. "Watch your step Macey" He paused and lifted his finger to his lips. Silently the cleaner just walked past the room without knocking. "You need to watch what you're doing, silly girl." I looked up at him, this wasnt the first  time he beat me. Once he smashed my leg and had to go the hospital and say i fell on it awkward then fell down the stairs . "Why do you want to leave me?" His voice cracked - he thought i loved him.  "I want to live my dream, to be in this band and to be famous and wealthy." My breathing was heavy and almost as if i had been running. The room was so cold that condensation came out into the air around me. "But it's not just about the fame, is it Macey Hernandez?" his voice sly and evil "I don't know what you're talking about" I spoke to quickly, he saw straight through my act. "You're not going to Los Angeles just to become famous my dear...this is about telling Kendall Schmidt the truth isnt it?"

                                                                   to be continued....

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