If Only...

Jaylynn had a pretty bad family life, but to her, her friends were her family. The only difference being all of her friends were guys. I mean girls just caused too much drama. But one day, her "best friends" betray her and do the unthinkable. Will their be someone to catch her after she falls? If Only...


14. Memory

Jaylynn's POV

The doctor came by early the next morning, and all the guys were fast asleep. He checked my vitals, and told me I would need to stay a couple more hours, or until something about my blood was normal.

I sat in the bed, trying to organize my thoughts, trying to remember anything. I finally drifted off to sleep just as the sun was rising over the horizon.

I woke up a little later, and all the boys except for Niall and Zayn had left. Zayn was awake, and he noticed I was awake. I scoot over in my bed and pat the spot next to me. He sat beside me and wrapped his arm around me.

I know I don't remember anything, but I liked Zayn.

But not in a romantic way. More of an older-brother way. I liked that he was protective of me.

"Where'd the others go?" I asked him as I rested my head on his chest.

"We figured you'd rather go home in normal clothes than in that" he said as he pointed to the hospital gown I was wearing. I started laughing, but it hurt to.

"Are you gonna tell me what happened?" I asked him.

I felt him tense up.

"Jay, I just don't think you're ready. Maybe you'll figure it out soon, but it's not my responsibility to tell you."

We were cut off by the others walking back into the room, waking Niall up in the process. He got up from the chair he was sleeping in, stretching his back before sitting on the other side of me.

"We just talked to the doctor and he said you can go!" Louis shouted as he entered the room.

I took the clothes from Harry's hand, sitting up slowly so I wouldn't pass out. Zayn ended up helping me walk to the bathroom because I felt dizzy. I quickly changed and went to sign the papers so I could be released.

Niall's POV

We got her back to our flat and I helped her to my room. 

"Niall, can I please shower? I feel disgusting right now" Jaylynn said to me from across the room, where she was sorting through her clothes.

"Sure" I responded. I started to lead her out of my room and towards Louis' bathroom right down the hall, but she stopped me.

"Can't I use yours?" she asked. I wanted to say no. I didn't want her to remember.

"Of course." I said and led her to the bathroom. We had changed all the towels and rugs, even got the walls painted a completely different color.

"There ya go" I said before letting her in and shutting the door behind her, praying that she wouldn't remember.

Jaylynn's POV

I started the water, stripping the clothes from my body and setting them in a pile on the floor. I took a look at my nails, and saw there was dirt and something else caked underneath them. I took a nail file out from the drawer and sat at the edge of the tub.

My mind began to wander, and I felt like this was deja vu.

I looked up in the mirror, the scar on my stomach exposed. And in that moment, the mirror transformed into a movie screen. The movie playing?

How I tried to kill myself.


I know its short but I posted two chapters instead of one today!!! Anyways, I'll post more either tomorrow or Wednesday :) I have like a totally free week!!! Except Thursday and Friday lol I have work those days :p Enjoy!!!

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