If Only...

Jaylynn had a pretty bad family life, but to her, her friends were her family. The only difference being all of her friends were guys. I mean girls just caused too much drama. But one day, her "best friends" betray her and do the unthinkable. Will their be someone to catch her after she falls? If Only...


7. Helpless

Niall"s POV

After we finished at the doctor's office, I started wondering about Harry's reaction. I didn't think about it long tho because I was pretty sure it was nothing.

However, I began thinking of Jaylynn again. The doctor looked as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't. Something had to have happened to her that would've made her not want to talk to anyone.

About a half hour later, we got back to the flat and all the boys were watching a football (soccer) game. They didn't notice when we entered until Harry jumped over the couch, almost landing on top of Louis, before sitting down on the floor. Liam was the first to ask Jaylynn what was wrong.

As I expected, she shyed away from the question, so I answered for her.

"Broke her leg." I said before heading into the kitchen. I figured I'd make some food for all of us and then watch the game with the lads.

I noticed that Jaylynn didn't follow me into the kitchen. I was worried, but proud of her.

I know. I sound like her father. But I'm glad she feels comfortable enough to be in a room with the other boys, even if I'm not there.

About ten minutes later, I called the boys to come help me bring the food out. I noticed they all had worried and/or guilty expressions on their faces. My mind went to Jaylynn and I rushed out into the living room to find her not there. I know she couldnt have gone far. My immediate reaction was to turn to the boys and start questioning them.

"What. Did. You. DO?!" I said through gritted teeth, trying to control my anger.

"Listen mate. Calm down. She's in your room. We just wanted to get to know her a bit and she kinda freaked out." Liam said calmly.

"What do you mean she freaked out!?" I said. I was now more worried than anything.

Liam started to talk again. "Well, we just started asking her about herself and what she likes and stuff. She gave us short answers and kinda kept to herself, but then-"

"Then what!?" I asked him starting to get annoyed.

"I asked her about her family." Zayn said. "I didn't know she was gonna freak out, I just thought of where is she gonna go when we leave here?" he continued.

I was angry. More than angry. I was furious. So Liam tells me they got her to open up a little, and then Zayn goes and asks a stupid question! I didn't say anything else to them, and walked over to my room.

"Jaylynn? Are you ok?" I asked her.

I didn't hear anything, so I opened the door and found her on the bed, tears streaming from her face. I sat down next to her and wrapped her in a hug. I felt her body tense up and it sounded as if she had stopped breathing. I let go of her and she relaxed a little bit.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't know it was you." she said quietly.

"Do you want something to eat?" I asked her. I decided not to pester her about the whole situation and let her talk about it when she wants to.

"Ya. I'll be out in a minute." she said, but i noticed she had something in her hand. I left the room and let her be until she was ready.

I went back to the table and began eating. Zayn kept looking up at me, but I just ignored him. About five minutes later, Jaylynn came out and sat next to me. Everyone was quiet until Zayn spoke up.

"Um, Jaylynn? I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean to offend you or anything." he said.

I was ready to kill him. But then something shocked me.

"It's ok. You didn't know any better." she said.

That's the most she's talked to any of us.

"So she does speak." Louis said with a small laugh. He said exactly what I was thinking. Everyone at the table gave a small laugh, and I even saw a small smile escape Jaylynn's lips.

We finished dinner and Zayn helped me clean up. I heard Louis laughing from the living room, and was curious, so I stepped out of the kitchen and saw Jaylynn holding an Xbox controller with a confused look on her face. I couldn't help but laugh to.

"I've never played this before." she said quietly. Louis helped teach her how to play while me and Zayn finished dishes. We finished and went out to watch Louis beat Jaylynn 10-0 at FIFA 13. Louis wasn't even trying either.

Around 1130, I saw Jaylynn begin to yawn. I helped her to bed and went to lay on the couch.

"Thank you Niall. For everything." she said. I smiled at her before closing the door and shutting the light off.

She was perfect.


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