If Only...

Jaylynn had a pretty bad family life, but to her, her friends were her family. The only difference being all of her friends were guys. I mean girls just caused too much drama. But one day, her "best friends" betray her and do the unthinkable. Will their be someone to catch her after she falls? If Only...


2. Gone

I was walking home from my job at the mall late one night. Up ahead, I saw a group of four or five guys. As I got closer, I saw that it was Nick, Anthony, and Drew, along with a few other guys.

"Hey Jay!" Nick called at me. I could tell he was drunk. Same with Anthony and Drew. "Come over here JayJay!" Anthony called at me.

I ignored him and kept walking. Although these guys were my best friends, they were assholes at times. "Sorry guys, I gotta go home" I said and kept walking.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Anthony asked threateningly as he grabbed my arm. "Let go of me Anthony." I said.

He didn't listen, and next thing I know, I was pushed to the ground. "Seriously guys, stop." I said, thinking, no, hoping, that they were joking.

"Do you know what happens to girls who don't listen?" Nick said. I was starting to get scared now.

The next thing I know, I was in a dark alley, no clothes on, blood seeping from my torn body, crying about what had just happened. I felt so violated. I started thinking to myself, and it finally hit me.

My so-called "best friends" had just raped me. I quickly found my tattered clothes and got dressed. I was so scared as I walked through the streets, making my way home.

When I reached my home, I saw that the living room light was on. A part of me died on the inside.

This means that my step-dad was still up.

Remember how I mentioned my crappy family life? Well my step-dad was abusive when drunk or mad. And I was his punching bag.

I took a deep breath, and slowly opened the front door. I didn't even get inside before the yelling started.

"Where the fuck have you been you little whore!?" he shouted at me.

"I- I went to my friends house after to work." I said.

"You little fucking slut! Don't lie to me! You were probably out fucking those idiot friends of yours! That's the only reason they like you. They just use you."

Then the hitting started. I knew better than to fight him off. If I tried to, it would only get worse.

When he finished beating me, I ran up to my room. The tears started to flow, and I couldn't even stop them. I checked the time and saw that it was 3 am.

I knew what I had to do. I had to run, because if I didn't run, I'd either kill myself, or my step-father would.

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