If Only...

Jaylynn had a pretty bad family life, but to her, her friends were her family. The only difference being all of her friends were guys. I mean girls just caused too much drama. But one day, her "best friends" betray her and do the unthinkable. Will their be someone to catch her after she falls? If Only...


11. Angel

Niall's POV

Anger coursed through my body, hitting every nerve ending until there was no feeling besides anger. I could kill him. I was ready to, but my mind was more focused on Jaylynn. She needed me more.

"Jaylynn, please unlock the door. Please, please, please?" I begged through the locked bathroom door. I heard no noise except for the occasional deep breath she took. With every knock and pound on the door with my fist, I became more and more uneasy.

I couldn't stand being on the other side. It took all the strength I had left in my body to kick down the door.

And there she was, lying on the floor of the bathroom.

In a pool of her own blood.

I rushed in and collapsed on the ground next to her, holding her head up and telling her to stay with me.

"Liam!! Call an ambulance now!!" I shouted as I kept talking to her.

"It's going to be alright." I kept telling her. She just stared into my eyes, running her hand down my cheek, until it fell to the ground, and her eyes began to close.

The ambulance got here what seemed like hours later. They took her from my arms and put her on a stretcher, talking to each other the whole time. I couldn't do anything but watch them.

I was numb. No feeling left in my body. I couldn't move. Zayn and Louis came in, helping me up and calming me down.

"Drive me there?" I said to Louis and within minutes we were on our way to the hospital.

"Where's Liam and-" I began but was cut off by Zayn.

"Liam's trying to convince Harry it wasn't his fault she did what she did. They're back at Liam's flat." He said. I just nodded my head. It was his fault. No matter what anyone said.

We got to the hospital and I ran up to the front desk, asking where she was.

"I'm sorry, she's currently in surgery, but feel free to wait in the waiting room." the nurse said with an annoyingly high pitched voice and a smile that made me feel dead inside. I sat down with Louis and Zayn on either side of me, waiting.

Waiting to see if she was alive.

Waiting to see if she was dead.

Waiting for any news about the girl I was in love with.

Harry's POV

It was all my fault. I just couldn't help myself. The way she looked, so beautiful, standing there in the kitchen. Her eyes, so bright they could light up a room.

But seeing her when they took her away on the stretcher. That light was gone. She looked dead.

And it was all my fault.

Liam stayed behind with me, comforting me. But there was nothing he could say to change the facts.

She was an emotional wreck. I was stupid. I might have killed her with one stupid kiss.

I finally got up and asked Liam to drive to the hospital. It was about 1 in the morning, and they had left almost 8 hours ago.

When we got there, Niall was asleep on Louis' arm, exhausted from the days events. I was glad he was asleep, because I wouldn't be able to stand the looks he would give me, and the guilt I would feel.

"She's in surgery." Louis said, knowing we were curious. Liam and I joined the boys and waited for anything.

*Sorry for the short chapter, but I updated 3 chapers in 1 day!!! haha anyways, updating is going to be really hard for me for the month of July because I will be on vacation in California. So, I will be writing on the plane and whenever I can just for you guys!! Thanks a bunch!!!


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