Over Again

Belle has gone through love and heartbreaks with her beloved boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But now as her and Louis try to live a low profile life, escaping from the past years of One Direction, Harry calls all of the boys up and requests to get back together. Desperate to stay away, Louis and Belle run away from England and try to escape. But will the other four boys track them down?


3. Unwanted Company

  I flipped on a hallmark movie as i laid across Louis' lap. Louis stroked my blonde hair as we watched the movie. My eyes threatened to shut, but i made sure that i watched the rest of the movie even though i had no idea what was going on.

  When the movie ended, Louis turned off the lamp. "Goodnight babe," he whispered. I turned in the opposite direction, pulling the covers up by my neck. Louis held my hand as i fell asleep. My eyes were so tired for some reason.


  I woke up to a abrupt knocking on the door. I walked over and peeked through the peep hold. Nobody was there. Confused, i went back to bed. "Who was there," Louis mumbled. I shrug and fall back asleep quickly. My eyes are big and swollen from something, but i figure i can just sleep it off.

  Theres another knock later in the morning. This time Louis gets up with me. "It better not be Harry playing tricks on us," he growls. I look at him in surprise. A year ago, he would have been keen to get Harry back for his pranking. But not anymore. Louis looksat me apologetically. "Who is it?" Louis says.

  "Uh, room service..." The voice trails off. Louis narrows his eyes. I can tell by the voice that its Niall. Reluctantly Louis walks back to the bed. Niall wails at the door.

  "Come on Lou! We were great as 1D! Please dont leave now!"

  "Niall, go away. Its not a good time to talk." Louis is stern and his voice is filled with authority as he waits for the sound of Nialls feet to leave.

  "But Louis!" Niall sounded hurt.

  "Bye." Louis walks back to the bed. I sit down next to him and flip on the tv. Louis isnt focused on it- he keeps glancing over at the door nervously. "I hope hes gone," Louis whispered to me.

  "Yeah," i agree.


  We watch movies for the rest of the day and eat snacks from the fridge. I dont feel safe, though. Not even when Louis holds me in his lap and wraps his arms around me. I can still feel a vast emptiness inside me.








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