Over Again

Belle has gone through love and heartbreaks with her beloved boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But now as her and Louis try to live a low profile life, escaping from the past years of One Direction, Harry calls all of the boys up and requests to get back together. Desperate to stay away, Louis and Belle run away from England and try to escape. But will the other four boys track them down?


6. Overhearing

  Nialls words echoed through Belle's head. "Just let him be." Belle wanted to go out and thank Niall, to help him convince the others of his plan. But she knew if she went into the hallway Zayn would go and get the rest of the boys. Plus, they didnt even know who she was. Why would they listen to her?

  She wanted to go tell Louis what she had overheard, but she didnt need to stress him out anymore. He was in the shower. But an urge to tell him over took her, and she ended up bursting into the bathroom.

  "Louis?" She heard a startled noise from inside the shower. Then she heard the water turn off.

  "Yeah babe?"

  I began to tell him what she heard. By the time i finished, Louis was out of the shower and fully dressed. "So Niall really said that?" I opened the bathroom door. The steam was making me sweat, and it was awkward standing in there with Louis. I nodded.

  "Yeah, those were his exact words." Louis looked happy. He kissed me as he exited the bathroom. His hair was tucked into a beanie and he was wearing green pants and a white shirt with blue stripes. He flipped off the tv and began packing their bags up. "What are you doing?" I asked.

  "Well, i think we should leave this hotel. I really want to go and look at beach houses to live in. How about you?"

  I looked at him in shock. "Of course!" Louis smiled and we left the hotel, loading our things onto the elevator.


  "We are checking out early," Louis explained to the woman at the front desk. "We are going to find a permanent home."




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