Over Again

Belle has gone through love and heartbreaks with her beloved boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But now as her and Louis try to live a low profile life, escaping from the past years of One Direction, Harry calls all of the boys up and requests to get back together. Desperate to stay away, Louis and Belle run away from England and try to escape. But will the other four boys track them down?


4. Nialls POV


  After awhile of sitting outside of the hotel room, i walked back to our room. I was rooming with Liam while Harry and Zayn stayed in the other room. Liam had set me up to it, and i really wanted to talk to Louis. It came as a surprise to all of us that Louis would want to leave 1D. But maybe it was time for all of us to split up. I dont know.

  Liam grabbed a coffee cup out of the cabinet. He was frustrated- it would be frustrating if you were the father of the band and one member just left. But ive been wondering if Louis wasnt alone in there. I mean, i did hear moving- but it could have been just Louis moving around. I sat down in a chair to think this over.


  "Niall! Liam! Open up!" Harrys voice sounded at the door. I opened it and let him in. Zayn was on his heels, looking confused.

  "I sent Niall to knock for Louis but Louis was refusing to answer," Liam said. He sipped his coffee in distress. Harry looked annoyed.

  "Well, Louis cant live in the hotel room forever. I mean, he has to talk at one point. Right?" Harry looked like he would cry soon. Zayn noticed, too, because he made the comment, "dont worry Harry." I sat quietly and listened to all of the boys. I have always felt like they were my older brothers.

  "Well, maybe they will come out if something big happens," Liam said. Harry nodded, thinking. Zayn looked annoyed. He wasnt big in getting into other peoples business. I suddenly feared that maybe he would try to leave like Louis did. But Zayn wouldnt do that, i dont think...

  "What do you think, Niall?" Harry asked. I looked back and forth between him and Liam, trying to see if they had any ideas. They looked atme, waiting for a response.

  "Well, i think we should leave him. Its his choice, right?" I didnt know what else to say. Even though this was true, i did want Louis to come back. I really did. Just not by force.

  "That is not the point!" Harry shouted. He grabbed on to the counter out of anger. "We need him back! I dont care what he thinks, he needs to come back!" Harry was crying now, and Liam stood next to him gently to comfort him. Niall felt bad. Zayn rested his hand on Nialls shoulder and led him out of the room and down the hallway.

  "I dont understand why they cant just let Louis be?" Niall said. Zayn nodded. Why couldnt they just forget about Louis?!









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