Over Again

Belle has gone through love and heartbreaks with her beloved boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But now as her and Louis try to live a low profile life, escaping from the past years of One Direction, Harry calls all of the boys up and requests to get back together. Desperate to stay away, Louis and Belle run away from England and try to escape. But will the other four boys track them down?


1. Hidden

  "Duck down," Louis mumbles in my ear. I lower my head to the floor, peering under the bed. Louis wraps his arms around me, reassuring me that everything will be okay. I want to believe him but know that it isnt true.

  "Harry is peeking through the window," Louis whispers. I can feel my heart pounding harder and harder as we wait for the other four boys to leave. The past years of One Direction are over, and Louis doesnt want anything to do with it. We wait another five minutes or so, then crawl out from under the bed.

  "Im sorry that happens so often babe." Louis surveys the window. "We really need to get blinds in here."

  I nod in agreement. Harry is the worst about Louis separating from the band since they were such great friends. I feel for Harry, too, since I know how attached a person can get to Louis. He's very sweet and caring.

  "Lou, can you get me my headband?" I watch Louis reach over to the nightstand and grab my thick black hair band.  "Thanks babe." I give him a quick tap on the cheek and fix my hair into a bun.


  "Breakfast!" Louis calls from behind the stove. I smile and watch him flip pancakes on the griddle.  He sings What Makes You Beautiful softly under his breath. My heart pumps even though im used to being around Louis and his amazing voice. He turns to me and kisses me on the lips, holding tightly onto my neck and hip. We stand there for a minute, then break apart slowly. The taste of his lips still lingers on my mouth.

  We share pancakes and bacon. I feed Louis his pancakes off of a fork while he gobbled them down. I laugh when Louis burps loudly. He pulls me in for another kiss across the table, and then we go get dressed.


  "So, Belle, i havent told the boys about us, as you know." Louis looks nervous. "But we never hid things from each other, so why do we have to now?"

  "Because," i tell Louis, "if anybody knows, it will become public. And i dont want that kind of relationship." Louis nods in acknowledgement of what i say. I put my hand on his cheek and look him in the eyes. I love Louis, and i dont like that he has to hid this from his best friends, but thats the way it will have to be until we think of some other kind of plan.

  When i finish showering, Louis greets me in the kitchen. He's wearing a green abercrombie shirt and green and white plaid polo pants. I smile at him. He lifts me into his arms for a moment and we just stand there until he carries me outside to our car.


  "Where are we headed today?" I ask Louis. We have been moving hotels every week or so, and this was the last day in this hotel. Louis starts the engine and thinks for a minute.

  "We could try the Holiday Inn down by the Walgreens?" Louis suggests. I nod and he pulls back out of the driveway. I look out of my window and watch the trees as we pass them.


  "Whats wrong?" Louis asks. He rests his right hand on my leg. I put my hand on top of his and face him.

  "Nothing. I just wish we could find a permanent place to settle." Louis agrees silently. I watch outside the window for the rest of the ride, silently wishing for this to go away. For us to be able to stay in one place.







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