Over Again

Belle has gone through love and heartbreaks with her beloved boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But now as her and Louis try to live a low profile life, escaping from the past years of One Direction, Harry calls all of the boys up and requests to get back together. Desperate to stay away, Louis and Belle run away from England and try to escape. But will the other four boys track them down?


2. A surpsise arrival

  Louis parks the car in front of the huge Holiday Inn. I jump out the door and look at the small hotel. A week here would usually be torture, but not so much with Louis.

  "I can get the bags," he calls from behind the car. I start walking in to check out a room for us. The lady at the front desk drops a key for room 106 in my hand and turns to the next customers. How strange that somebody would come into the hotel right after us. 

  "Two rooms," a familiar voice says behind me. I peek slowly, and nearly freeze with fear. Harry Styles stands behind me, two keys clutched in his hand. Liam, Niall, and Zayn are standing-behind him.


  I run out to the car quickly and stop in front of Louis. "Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are in there!" I hiss. Louis looks around in fear. "In the hotel!"

  His face is a mix of anger and surprise. "They must have followed me!" He yells. I peer back at the hotel. Theres nobody in the lobby but the lady behind the desk. 

  "Lets just get to our room fast and ignore them," i say. Louis nods and reluctantly follows me into the hotel lobby. We put our stuff on a luggage cart and take the elevator up. Louis looks around nervously the whole time, his whole body rigid. I put my arm on his back and kiss his cheek. "Its okay babe."

  Louis nods. I can sense the fear in him. The elevator opens and we run to our room as fast as we can. We open the door and lock it quickly. Louis' face floods with relief as he stands against the wall, panting. Then he holds me in an embrace and kisses me hard on the lips. We stand there for what feels like hours kissing, then we finally tear apart. My lips are warm from where Louis' lips rested moments ago. I help him unpack the bags.

  "At least they arent in the same hall as us," i say. "I saw them get off at the stop before us."

  "Good," Louis says. "Now we just have to stay clear of them. Hopefully we dont get bothered."

  I nod in agreement. Louis smiles and pulls me onto his lap, and we fall onto the bed laughing. I smile up at the ceiling and think about how lucky i am to have Louis.

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