Bad Girl

"Good girls sit. Bad girls run."

Everyone thinks Katrina Edwards is a normal good girl. But shes not. She is the most wanted thief in the UK, and is known for stealing cars. One night when she is at a speed race, she meets a boy called Harry. When shes nearly arrested, Harry saves her. Katrina knows Harry from One Direction, and doesn't understand why hes helping her. Can more happen for them?


1. One

"Wait for my call, they have a plan." Black (A.K.A Brandon) told me. We were stealing cars from a train, and we could tell the two Japanese who were helping wanted the green race car I was in. I nodded, and Brandon backed away from the car. The ropes from the truck beside the train pulled my car onto them. The car lift was then lowered down, and my car went flying off. I was supposed to go forwards, but I went backwards to confuse the Japanese. Black, Red (Rory), Green (Greg) and Yellow (Yasmine) would deal with them. 


-5 hours later-


I had no idea where Black, Red, Green and Yellow were. Had they been caught? I don't know. I heard the garage door flung open. I grabbed my gun from the table and crouched behind my car. I saw some shadows on the wall. Have the police found me? I am the most wanted women in the UK. I looked down at my gun, then back up. There was Brandon, Rory, Greg and Yasmine. I got up and put my gun on the table.

"You can never be too careful." I told them, and they laughed.

"We got in a fight with the Japanese, then the FBI found us stealing the cars. Yasmine and I managed to get two cars out, but the other one landed in water. Brandon and Rory ended up having to jump off a bridge." Greg said.

"Jump off a bridge? Jee." I said.


So, I haven't told you about myself? Well my name is Katrina Edwards, (Code name Kiwi) and I am 18 years old. I have long dark blue hair, and bright blue eyes. I'm from Catterick, North Yorkshire. But one thing, I'm the most wanted women in the UK. I am a car thief with my brother Brandon and friends Yasmine, Rory and Greg. Almost every night we go to speed races, and I've won 49/64 we've been too. I get into a lot of fights too, and I've been arrested 14 times. But the gang always get me out. Speaking of speed races, we have one to go to tonight. And Brandon says I'm racing against a new kid.


(A/N, Sorry for the short chapter! But its only the first! I hope you like it so far, please like, comment, fave and fan!)

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