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Hey Guys! This is are first book, we need ideas and request. no hate please.


5. Liam Payne

updated!!!! finally!


Sierra's pov.

hi my name is sierra and I'm 17. my dad is Geoff Payne. my dad said I'm an only child. my mom and dad got a divorce when I was 10. I really miss my mom, every summer I go and see her, I feel so bad because every time I go to England, to go to her house she always alone.

this summer I hope she isn't alone because if she is I'm going to go an live with my mom because my dad has a girlfriend her name is Johanna Darling, she has a son named Louis Tomlinson. she says that he is in a band with four other boys and the call themselves One Direction. I've seen them before on the internet. I don't really like them I only like their music. the song I really like is little things. today is the first marking of summer. today I'm going to spend whole  summer with my mom.

Geoff: Hunnie I'm going to miss you so much! I hope you have a safe trip to you're mothers house.

Sierra: I will dad I will call you when I land in England. if its late here I'm sorry I'm just wanted to know that I was there okay dad?

Geoff: I don't care what time it is here as long as your safe and sound at you're mom's I'm okay with you calling at anytime of the night.

sierra: okay dad I love you.

Geoff: I love you too hunnie!

Johanna: I hope you have fun this summer with your mom.

Sierra: I will, I going to miss you.

Johanna: I will miss you too hun!

Sierra: Bye Guys

Geoff and Johanna: Bye hunnie.

*Skipping Plane ride*

Lexi: Hey Babe!

Sierra: Hi mom.

Lexi: How was the plane ride?

Sierra: it was Good.

Lexi: that's good.

Sierra: is it okay if I called dad, because I promised him I would call him when I get here.

Lexi: that's okay.

Sierra calls her dad and tells him she got there safely.

Sierra: mom, do you like living alone?

Lexi: No, but I'm fine.

Sierra: would you mined if I came and lived with you this year?

Sierra: hunnie I don't know I mean what about you're father?

Sierra: he's got Johanna, mom I feel so bad that you live alone!

Lexi: Hunnie, i'm only alone during the months of January through May. then you come and your brother visits me all the time! in fact, he spending the summer with us and his band mates.

Sierra: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I have a brother?

Lexi: Yes Hun! didn't your dad tell you?

Sierra: No, he said I was an only child! why did he lie to me? *sad*

Lexi: What the hell! he didn't tell you????

Sierra: no, all  these years I thought I was an only child and he lied to his own Daughter!!!! I'm so mad at him right now!!!!!! in fact I'm going to call him and ask him if I have a brother and if he lies.. I'm moving in with you END OF STORY!!!! okay mom? 

Lexi: okay baby.

*Phone Call Conversation*

Geoff: Hey Hun, what's up?

Sierra: nothing much how about you?

Geoff: just cleaning the house.

Sierra: dad, can I ask you a serious question, and please don't lie to me.

Geoff: sure hun!

Sierra: Do I have an older brother?

Geoff: to tell you the truth, yes. i'm so sorry that I lied to you, I just didn't want you to get hurt.

Sierra: All these years you kept that a secret and all you say is that you didn't want me to get hurt?

Geoff: I'm sorry.

Sierra: I got to go dad, love you.

Geoff: okay, I love you too, and I'm sorry..

Sierra: it's okay daddy.

Geoff: okay, bye Honey!

Sierra: bye.

when we reached my mom house there was a limo in the driveway, I think that's my older brother and his bandmates. I wonder what there name is. maybe I know at least three of them. they consume of five people. my mom says they call themselves One Direction, hey. Louis is in that band! at least I know one of them. hopefully he remembers me.


sierra walks in her mom's house and sees 5 boys standing in her living room. Louis was the first one to recognize her.

Louis: Sierra?

Sierra: Louis?

Louis: hey what are you doing here?

Sierra:   just visting, I just cant stand my dad right now, even though I forgave him, he lied to me.

Lexi: Sierra? Hunny where are you?

Sierra: In here mummy!

Liam: Mom? you just called  my mom, mom? why?

Lexi: Liam, Shes your sister.


Sierra: um perverted much?

Liam: don't worry about him, hes always like that.

sierra: okay

and they lived happily ever after

The End

I hope you enjoyed the imagine.

~Nialler's Princess13




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