1D Imagines

Hey Guys! This is are first book, we need ideas and request. no hate please.


3. Imagine for Jessica

Jessica's P.O.V.

Today is September 3rd aka My Birthday! I am turing 18! Finally, i been waiting for this day, 1. First day of being a Senior 2. im 18!! anyway, i have a best friend named caitlyn she been my best friend since 8th grade, i have another best friend but he went to audition for the X-Factor, he left when we were in 7th grade he was 16. i know what your thinking Who is 16 in 7th grade? Harry failed 1st grade, so i begged my mom to hold me back because i couldn't stay away from my best friend! anyway! He got formed in this band called One Direction, and do you know what the weird thing is? My brother is in that band with him, he tried out with him but they weren't  in a group together, anyway the band consumes of five guys :P their names are  Harry Styles (My Best Friend :P) Louis Tomlinson (My Brother) Niall Horan (Caitlyn's Favorite) Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Another thing is I haven't told Caitlyn that 1. Harry Styles is my other best friend. 2. My brother is Louis Tomlinson.  I can't wait for tonight because their coming back from there America Tour. :P

*At School*

Jessica: Hey Caitlyn, do you want to come over today after school today like Sleepover?

Caitlyn: Sure!

Jessica: Okay, btw my brother and his band mates are coming to pick us up bc they insisted.

Caitlyn: ok.

*After School.*

Jessica's P.O.V.

Caitlyn and i are waiting for Louis and his band mates to pick us up, caitlyn is getting impatient so she said lets start walking. so i agreed. then we started to walk. then BEEP Beep a car horn honked. caitlyn was the first.....

Caitlyn: Jess thats one direction!

Jessica: umm yah my brother is louis tomlinson and my other best friend is harry styles.

Caitlyn: Why didnt you tell me? *Mad*

Jessica: sorry i was afraid

Caitlyn: Afraid of what?

Jessica: Never Mind!

Caitlyn: FINE! *Runs off*

Jessica: Caitlyn Wait!

Louis: Jess who is that?


Harry: i thought i was your best friend?

Jess: yeah.

Authors Note:

Sorry guys i have to end it here...



Band member:



thanks you!

~Nialler's Princess13


~Harry Styles Princess 22

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