1D Imagines

Hey Guys! This is are first book, we need ideas and request. no hate please.


1. Imagine for Jessica and Sami

Jessica's P.O.V

Hi! My name is Jessica, my best friend and i are getting ready for a One Direction concert.

'I am soo excited to go to this concert Sami!" i said. " will you calm down it is just a concert, its not like we're gonna meet them!!" sami said. " are you ready yet samantha" " one minute Jess calm down , i know you call me that when you are impatient!".


" After the concert"

Sami: come on lets go

jessica: ok fine :(

after the concert sami and jessica were about to leave the O2 center in london to go back home to Miami flordia when jessica wasn't paying attention and bumped into something.

jessica: oh i'm sorry.....

harry: its ok no problem

sami: really jess did  you know who you ran into !!!!!!

Jess: no..... OMG HARRY STYLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry : ok then she must love me !

sami : yea she does.

Harry : ok so do you girls want to me the rest of us?

Jessica: yes please!!!!

harry: ok follow me back stage

sami: omg i can't believe that i am going to meet Niall Horan

Niall: hi guys! what is your name beautiful?

Sami: my name is Samantha but people call  me sami!!!

Louis: who are these girls Harold!!!

Harry: louis chill down i ran into this girl jessica

Louis: oh ok do you girls want to hang out with us tomorrow?

jessica and sami: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Zayn: ok see you girls later !

Authors note:

Done for now i know it probably sucked, but give us a break.



Band Member:

Theme: *we do not do dirty imagines.*





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